We all know fruitcake is kind of a universal holiday joke. In fact, every year, on the first Saturday of January, the folks in Manitou Spring, Colorado hold The Great Fruitcake Toss just to get rid of all their fruitcake.

Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops Recipe

Well, this year, we’re making fruitcake you won’t want to toss. Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops! They’re spiked, of course, and covered in your favorite festive fruit and nut mix.

Ingredients + Materials:
 – ice cube trays

– popsicle sticks or straws

– one pint of ice cream

– bourbon or brandy

– holiday spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger)

– honey

– candied fruit and sweetened nuts (we chose praline pecans, bourbon soaked raisins, candied ginger, and currants for this round)

First let your ice cream sit out for about 5 minutes or more to get soft. Once pliable, add a half a shot of bourbon and your spices.

Stir to mix thoroughly.

Now pour that soft-serve looking ‘scream into your ice cube trays, ensuring no air bubbles remain. Place the tray in the freezer immediately.

After about 2 hours, remove the ice cream tray and insert your straws. The ice cream should be just frozen enough to hold the sticks straight up, but not too frozen so you can’t pierce them with the stick. Return to freezer for at least 6 more hours to freeze.

Meanwhile, finely chop up all of your fruit and nuts.

Once the ice cream is frozen, remove from freezer and pop the little cubes out. Dip each cube lightly in honey, then place each side of the cube in the chopped fruit and nuts.

You may have to hand-pick and place each piece if you’d like your fruitcake cubes to look well manicured. Place on a platter and quickly return to freezer to avoid any melting.

We recommend letting those babies re-freeze in the freezer for at least two hours before serving.

Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops Recipe
Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops Recipe
Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops Recipe

How do you breathe new life into fruitcake? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Diana Hardeman is the owner and chef of MilkMade Ice Cream, a craft ice cream of the month subscription service based in New York. Check out her ice cream adventures on her blog, Adventures in Ice Cream.