What! You Can DIY This Braided Bun In the Time It Takes to Eat a Bagel
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What! You Can DIY This Braided Bun In the Time It Takes to Eat a Bagel

Getting ready in the morning can be a chore, and sometimes messing with your hair is the last thing you want to do. But that doesn’t mean you have to rock bedhead to your 9-to-5, lazy girls. We’re big fans of five-minute hairstyles, especially ones that *look* like they took you an hour+ to do, so we cooked up this fun braided bun tutorial that’s actually a cinch — there’s actually zero intricate braiding involved!

Seriously, you could DIY this intricate-looking bun in the time it takes to eat a bagel. And since we’re never one to make claims we can’t back up, we decided to have some fun with this time frame and grab ourselves a delicious sesame seed bagel to chomp on while Ashley, our Digital Sales Planner, put her hair up. Scroll through to see how your morning can be so deliciously easy.

Throw that bad boy in the toaster, schmear away and start it up!


Comb back the top portion of your hair + your bangs and twist it up into the half-top-knot hairstyle that’s so popular lately. Secure your bun in place the right way with a few bobby pins.

Nom, Nom (luckily this style works on all morning carbs and proteins alike). We like doing this style while also sipping on our morning coffee or breakfast smoothie :)


Divide your remaining hair into four sections and braid each section, securing with a thin elastic at the ends. These braids can be tight if you want a sleeker look, but we’re vibin’ on the tousled look this AM, so we’re keeping them loose.

Breakfast is almost done… and so is your hair. We so LOVE to multi-task!


Lift your braids upward one by one and pin in place alongside your bun with bobby pins. Tuck or wrap the ends of your braids around or under your bun — since we’re embracing a messier look, we’re keeping the ends fairly loose.

Once your hair is up, pin any loose strays or bumps you may have at the bottom with bobby pins.

You’re done and so is your bagel! You’re now ready to take charge of your day!

Tell us, will you be trying our #BagelBun? Tag us on Instagram and share your look with other busy go-getters! We’d love to see your best braided bun!

Hair: Maritza Buelvas

Makeup: Misty Spinney

Model: Ashley Fischer

Wardrobe: TopShelf Dress, Topshelf Boho Goddess Necklace ($35), Ecru Italian Onyx Beaded Bracelet & Tassel ($24)