Headed out for drinks? There’s a new tool on the block that will keep your tipsy-ness in check. Not only is this a good idea for maintaining your legal driver status, but we all know it’s usually never a good idea to be THAT girl or guy who starts slurring words and walking sideways by the end of the night. At least not on nights when you don’t want to be ;)

We’ve talked a bit about BACmeasuring tools before, and we’re always intrigued by ways to get more accurate and portable breathalyzers in our lives. And, in the generation of wearable activity trackers, of course a new product has come out that measures your alcohol consumption straight from your wrist.

That’s right, for the somewhat irrational price of $100, you can get the Kisai Intoxicated, a watch with a built-in breathalyzer. As you drink, the screen will adapt to show you if you’re buzzing, getting tipsy, or three sheets to the wind. One feature we love: the battery charges via USB and one charge will last for a full month.

If you’re not a numbers person, or if you’re too drunk to remember what an appropriate blood alcohol level is, the display makes it really easy to tell where you stand. It goes green for sober, yellow for a nice buzz, and red for over the line as well as displaying your BAC.

To kick it up another notch, the watch comes with a sobriety game! (Frat boys everywhere will love this.) This is basically the high-tech version of trying to walk in a straight line or touch your finger to your nose. It tests your reaction time by asking you to center a moving line on the display. It’s pretty straightforward when you’re sober, but I’m betting that after a couple drinks it could ignite some fierce happy hour competition.

While I don’t think I would trust a watch to tell you whether you’re good to drive, it’s a fun addition to any boozy activity you may be participating in. Plus, this watch will tell you when its time to go to bed, in more ways than one.

Would you use this watch, or do you have friends that would? Is it silly, or a great idea for keeping boozing safe? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or over on Twitter.