You already knew your smartphone could be more awesome with all sorts of apps, but did you know that you can turn your phone into a breathalyzer, metabolism measurer, thermometer, credit card machine, and activity tracker? Here are 5 gadgets that turn your phone into something completely different.

1.聽Breathometer: Love cocktail hour but live in a city that requires you to drive everywhere you go? Quit risking it and get a portable breathalyzer鈥 that attaches to your phone! No joke. The Breathometer measures your blood alcohol content and shows you what鈥檚 what on the app. It even tracks your activity so that you can make sure the proper amount of time passes before you get behind the wheel.

2.聽Thermodo: This one鈥檚 a teeny tiny electrical thermometer for your smartphone that lets you measure the temperature right where you are. Measure the temperature indoors or outdoors and track to see how it drops and rises through the day. This is definitely a gadget for weather nerds and budding meteorologists.

3.聽Square: If you love handmade products as much as we do, then you鈥檝e likely swiped your credit card through a Square reader at a flea market or craft fair. This gadget makes it easy to accept credit card payments anywhere you go. We really love the flexibility it affords folks who love to make and sell their wares.

4.聽Breezing:聽Described as a聽pocket-sized personal trainer, Breezing聽tracks your metabolism over time and creates a diet and exercise plan specific to you. What you might not realize is that your metabolism is what tells you how many calories you need to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Using your specific metabolic information, Breezing gives you customized advice on how to reach your weight goals.

5.聽Jawbone UP: Last, we鈥檝e got one of our favorite gadgets. If you鈥檝e been following us for a while, you鈥檝e definitely read about the聽UP band by Jawbone.聽This bracelet and its associated app let you measure sleep cycles (hours slept, deep vs. light sleep, waking moments, nap alarm),聽activity tracking (distance moved, calories burned, active time and intensity of activity), mood, and food/drink consumption.

How do you use your phone for non-traditional (i.e. texts, emails, calls) activity? What鈥檚 the coolest app or phone gadget you鈥檝e seen? Talk to us in the comments below.聽