Oh, the fickle task of being a bridesmaid. On one hand, it’s an honor to be your BFF’s number one gal for all her nuptial-related needs. On the other hand, it can be a major pain – expensive dresses, bachelorette weekends that are really one big hot mess, dealing with your BFF’s panic attack when she finds out venue is double booked… If you’re wondering just how many times you’ll be asked to be a bridesmaid in 2016, we suggest you take a look at Weddington Way’s “United States of Bridesmaids” infographic.

The online retailer (and Brit + Co’s neighbor!) that specializes in bridesmaid apparel recently released this infographic that illustrates which states in the US have the biggest bridal parties. Charleston, South Carolina takes the top spot for highest number of bridesmaids on average, followed closely by New Orleans, Louisiana and Birmingham, Alabama.

Weddington Way’s research also revealed that the median size of a bridal party is four bridesmaids. They write, “Once your bridal party is 7 or more bridesmaids, your group is getting uncommonly large. Once you get to 10 more more bridesmaids, you are in the rarefied air of the top 2%.” To make it into the top 1% you’ll need a party of 11 or more. The key takeaway if you’re looking NOT to get in on this bridesmaid action? Move north.

Have you been in a lot of weddings this year? What state do you live in? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Weddington Way)