When it comes to celebrating something great, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence are no shrinking violets. But here’s the cool thing: even when they go big, they still know how to keep it simple. When Victoria celebrated the anniversary of her clothing brand recently, she filled the space with huge balloons and danced in the middle, sharing pictures of the moment with her followers. And when Amy Schumer won an Emmy for her brilliant Comedy Central show, her good friend Jennifer Lawrence bombed her hotel room with— yep, you guessed it— balloons.


Balloons are a great way to make a big statement without breaking the bank and we’ve got a ton of amazing options right in the B + C shop.


1. Be Wild Have Fun Balloons ($5): The bold statement printed on these balloons gets guests in the party-planning mood. The girly hues are perfect for bachelorette party!


2. Pop Fizz Clink Balloons ($5): If only every day could be worthy of champagne. These festive balloons set the scene for elegance and a good time.


3. Marble Balloon ($7.95): These oversized marble balloons are as mesmerizing as they are merry, and they come in all sorts of color combinations.


4. Letter Balloon ($12): Whether it’s a name or an expression of joy, when you just need to spell it out, huge gold balloons are the best way to do it.


5. Party On Balloon 3-Pack ($6): Simple instructions, elegantly stated. What more could you want?


6. Unicorn Balloon Kit ($12): Scientific fact: Every party needs a unicorn. This balloon makes any occasion more magical.


7. Chalkboard Party Balloon Kit ($20-24): This crafty kit lets you fully customize each balloon by hand and end up with a perfectly-matched set or a quartet of unique designs.


8. Confetti Filled Balloon ($5): It’s not really a party without confetti, right? Here’s the perfect way to enjoy that age-old celebratory staple and avoid sweeping up at the end of the night. Win-win!

Which balloon is your favorite? Share in the comments below!

(Photos via @victoriabeckham + @amyschumer)