We鈥檙e all for bringing back a classic hairstyle (oh hey, crimped hair!), but we NEVER thought we鈥檇 see what is arguably the most controversial haircut of the 鈥80s 鈥 the mullet 鈥 make its way back into the spotlight. And yet, that鈥檚 exactly what one British hairstylist is doing as he breathes new life into the polarizing hairdo.

John Vial, a Revlon professional and co-founder of London鈥檚 Salon Sloane, describes himself as a 鈥済lobal influencer.鈥 It鈥檚 a term that became especially relevant this past week when a photo of his latest hair creation quickly went viral.

The snap, which he captioned with the hashtag #MulletComeback, shows off a seriously futuristic 鈥榙o made up of a super short blunt top which tapered down client Liliana Sanguino鈥榮 head with a cutout of sorts straight down the middle.

The comments section immediately exploded with cheeky remarks like, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 some blade runner hair right there.鈥

As it turns out, Vial wasn鈥檛 finished, either: far from.

A couple of days ago, he took followers by surprise again, uploading an image of something he dubbed 鈥淭he new ju do marine bowl,鈥 which consists of his modern mullet dyed in various bright blue hues for a wild ombre effect that鈥檚 nothing short of a showstopper.

Hey, if Zendaya can pull it off (see: 2016鈥檚 Grammy Awards carpet), we can too鈥 right!?

Welcome (back!) to the future!

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(Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)