Perhaps you met while struggling to board the subway, in line waiting for coffee, or turning up in der clerb; at this point, you can’t imagine life without your Broad City BFF. She just gets you. After watching three seasons together, your friendship has blossomed into much more than TV show buddies, and you’re already planning your Ilana-Abbi inspired BFF Halloween costumes. Send her a little something-something that will put a pep in her step just in time for season four. Here are 22 affordable gift ideas that will make your frond to the ond shout “Yas kween” when she unwraps it.

1. DaydreamingAway Yas Kween Necklace ($32): You’ve spent hours together binging your favorite show; now it’s time to take the next step in your Broad City relationship and bestow your kween with this dangly gold chain.

2. DomRockstar Ilana and Abbi Prayer Candles ($15): If watching Broad City is one of her favorite rituals, then lighting these good vibe candles will be another special moment in your BC bosom buddy’s day. We suggest placing them in a sacred space, like the bathroom.


3. Schwinn Rollerblades ($46): Don’t just love Broad Citylive it. If you and your BFF are looking to escape the matrix, gift each other a stellar pair of rollerblades and see where life takes you. (GIF via Comedy Central)

4. DirtySowth Oprah Art ($40): If your Abbi counterpart adores Oprah half as much as the *real* Abbi does, this Oprah art will fit perfectly onto her wall (which might hold her off on getting Oprah inked on her back side).

5. koezee Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna Embroidery ($28): Every time your BC bestie passes this on her wall, she will imagine Ilana’s inspiring mantra and burst into laughter. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

6. Echolyla The Four R’s Tote Bag ($12): Practice what you preach! This reusable bag will keep your girl’s relationship with the environment healthy and happy.

7. gretchenkellystudio Nude Painting ($75): Maybe your Ilana counterpart isn’t ready for her nude modeling debut, but she’ll appreciate this watercolor painting of the naked and gorgeous female body nonetheless.

8. Raising Two Jays BFF Button Set ($5+): Make your friendship official with this cute her’s and her’s pin set. Sport them at every event you attend together, including, but not limited to, bucket drum performances, trips to the office supplies store, and sample sales.

9. misterghostie Bingo Bronson Tote Bag ($14): When your bestie walks around town with this fangirl tote bag, it’s like casting out a discreet fishnet for fellow BC fanatics. Only hardcore fans will know, attempt to make eye contact, and share a giggle with her.

10. ShopSalazArt Val Fan Art ($20+): The moment we met Val, we were inspired by her no FOMO point of view. This piece of frameable art is just as beautiful as her lively interpretation of Judy Garland’s “Get Happy.”

11. Big Whoop Shop I Respect You T-Shirt ($20+): Is your Broad City bestie in a relationship with a forward-thinking, respectful partner? Or does she want to be? This shirt puts out vibes that point to one of her biggest priorities, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

12. CraftedByCarlyR Smile Lapel Pins ($10): Every pair of friends can relate to the moment that Ilana and Abbi are told, “You’re pretty; you should smile.” Strutting these pins almost feels like a preventative measure for dealing with patriarchal bullsh*t.

13. thefoundretail Yas Kween Pin ($10): Colorful. Cute. Positive. It’s the perfect accessory for her everyday jean jacket.

14. Bookhoarding Pocket-Sized Bingo Bronson ($20): This li’l buddy might have evil undertones in the show, but he’s still so freaking cute. If your Broad City biffle has wisdom teeth surgery coming up, this is the most hilarious get-well gift.

15. LetsMakeARuckus Yas Kween Embroidery ($40): If your bosom buddy’s apartment is a little bare, gift her this sweet embroidered fabric with your favorite mantra. Not only will the striking fabric add pizzazz to her place, but she’ll also have a constant reminder of the kween she truly is.

16. MisterMugs The Four R’s Diner Mug ($10): How many times have you and your Broad City companion met for coffee and thrown your coffee cups in the trash? Does the hot barista judge you every time? Be better. There’s no shame in packing your own mug when it’s this badass.

17. LookOurWay Inflatable Dancer ($49): You have to be strategic about gifting this one. Does your compatriot have a workplace that is either boring AF, or is so cool that an inflatable dancer popping up would be just another day? The payoff for this creative gift will be CHA-chinga! (GIF via Comedy Central)

18. thefoundretail Bingo Bronson Pin ($10): Everybody needs a psychedelic buddy once in a while. This version of Bingo Bronson will travel with your Broad City sidekick everywhere she goes.

19. Spiral Gold Fanny Pack ($19): If your Broad City soul mate follows a similar path to Ilana, integrating this flashy fanny pack into her ever-changing, colorful ensembles will be a cinch.

20. 8BitSpock Bingo Bronson Patch ($13): Doesn’t matter that Bingo convinces us to do evil things while we hallucinate; seeing his smile always makes our day brighter. Your Broad City buddy can pop this fuzzy patch onto her fanny pack, backpack, or even on the back pocket of her period pants.

21. Harry & David Thank You White Wine Gift Basket ($40): We did some research and discovered the Larry & David gift baskets aren’t real, but the Broad City writers are probably referencing Harry & David, a business started by two brothers, not lovers, who indeed put together decadent baskets fit for your kween. (Photo via Comedy Central)

22. Broad City Coloring Book by Mike Perry ($15): For the 167 hours per week you aren’t spending watching Broad City, this coloring book will help you pass the time until the next episode finally airs.

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