Brooklyn Decker is expecting her second baby with superstar tennis player Andy Roddick, but a new bundle of joy isn’t the only reason she’s excited. Decker plans to try some pretty unusual beauty hacks this time around with her breast milk.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: Founder of Brooklyn Decker attends the "CHAMPION EQUALITY. MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS." panel event hosted by Keds & LOLA to celebrate Women's Equality Day at NeueHouse on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Keds)

“Breast milk is good for the face,” she says in an interview with Us Weekly. Decker, 30, hasn’t slathered the stuff on her face yet — she was “a little too scared to try it the first time around” — but is ready to give it a go when her daughter is born. “I might steal a little milk from this baby and see what happens,” she admits.

While using breast milk as skincare might sound a little off the wall, the 30-year-old may be onto something. According to WebMD, breast milk is high in lauric acid, a natural ingredient which can effectively treat acne. “I heard it’s a cure-all and it gets rid of zits and undereye circles,” Decker professes.

In case you’re still iffy, the Sports Illustrated veteran did open up about the more relatable issue of post-partum hair loss. The model can attest firsthand that hair does fall out — in her case, around four months post-baby.

Another new mama hair struggle? Finding the time and energy to make your hair look polished. Her tip: “Just own it, like you meant for it to look that way.” If you’re really strapped, “take your kid’s puke and run it through your bangs,” she joked.

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(Photo via Astrid Stiawarz/Getty)