The perfect cat eye is an art that only the most skilled beauty buffs have mastered. Sure, creating the wing is essential, but that smooth line across the lid is also key. And damn is that easier said than done! Anyone who has ended up with all-black lids trying to even out both eyes knows that all too well. But hey, if you’re tired of being late for every appointment because of your eyeliner, there’s a new beauty trend on the rise that’s all about embracing an imperfect line. Introducing: bubble liner.

Bubble eyeliner is essentially a scalloped line across the lid. It features a wing much like a cat eye but that smooth line is replaced by a series of small curves. The look appears to have originated on Pinterest but was recently popularized by YouTube beauty vlogger Jenny Gonzalez.

In her tutorial demoing the trend, Jenny actually begins by dipping the open end of a small cap into some gel liner she’s smeared on the back of her hand. From there she gently dabs the inked cap onto her lid to create a series of bubble-like shapes. After that, she uses more liner and a small brush to fill in the lines. And voila! Like a cat eye, but… possibly easier?!

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