Bulgur wheat is the answer to your prayers for healthy, fast meal ideas. It cooks up just as easily as these couscous recipes, but it’s *even better* for you. Bulgur is a whole grain, full of fiber to keep you full, and has a nutty flavor that stands out in salads, stews, or even in stuffed squash recipes. The next time you want to try out some new whole grains, look no further! These 20 bulgur recipes will turn you into a total convert.


1. Blood Orange, Sumac, and Chicken Tabbouleh: Jazz up classic tabbouleh with this colorful recipe. It gets a hit of citrus flavor from blood orange and sumac, while chicken elevates it from side dish to entree. (via Eat Love Eat)


2. Bulgur Falafel Wrap: Made into little cakes, bulgur falafel is crispy on the outside and tender within. Add it to salads, eat as a snack, or turn into a wrap, as in this recipe. (via Live Eat Learn)


3. Cherry Chipotle Bulgur Salad: Grain salads, like this version with dried cherries and smokey chipotle, are a tasty option when you want a meal that’s healthy but still satisfying. (via Hostess at Heart)


4. Cilantro Lime Tuna Bulgur Salad: If you can’t figure out how to add more whole grains to your diet, this recipe is for you. Bulgur is added to tuna salad, which can then be made into sandwiches as usual. (via Fashion Edible)


5. Bulgur Tabbouleh With Grilled Vegetables: Grilled vegetables make any grain dish a standout. This tabbouleh mixes them with bulgur, feta, and pistachios, for a delicious side or vegetarian main dish. (via Lavender and Macarons)


6. Vegetarian Bulgur Chili: Bulk up your chili with bulgur for a hearty and healthy addition. (via Turnip the Oven)


7. Bulgur Salad With Roast Tomato and Eggplant: Juicy, sweet roasted tomatoes act almost like a dressing for this salad. They’re tossed with eggplant, herbs, and bulgur for a fresh and colorful meal. (via A Kitchen in Istanbul)


8. Bulgur Stuffed Peppers: Stuffed peppers are filled with bulgur, peas, herbs, and just a touch of tangy-sweet pomegranate molasses. (via Berries and Spice)


9. Eggplant With Bulgur and Tahini: Here’s one way to make roasted eggplant feel like a special entree. Stuffed with bulgur wheat, olives, pomegranate arils, and other fresh ingredients, this tahini drizzled eggplant is a dinner party-worthy dish. (via Lazy Cat Kitchen)


10. Bulgur Salad With Cauliflower, Chickpeas, and Currants: Spiced and roasted cauliflower and chickpeas add a hearty texture to this bulgur salad. It’s finished with redcurrant, peanuts, and a tasty cilantro-lemon dressing. (via Fly Me to the Spoon)


11. Bulgur Zucchini Patties: Bulgur and zucchini get nice and crispy after baking, making them perfect on a hamburger bun or dipped in aioli as an appetizer. (via Berries and Spice)


12. Bulgur Salad With Delicata Squash: Delicata squash is roasted, and then tossed with bulgur, fresh veggies, and a zingy lemon-herb vinaigrette befitting a side or main dish. (via Food Porn Vegan Style)


13. Tabbouleh With Pomegranate: The best way to add flair to classic tabbouleh is with some pomegranate arils, which add tart bursts of flavor to each bite. (via A Kitchen in Istanbul)


14. Apricot Bulgur Muffins: Bulgur isn’t just for savory dishes. It adds a whole grain boost to these muffins, which are also made with healthy chia seeds and sweetened with date paste. (via The Healthy Foodie)


15. Halloumi, Sweet Potato, and Bulgur Wheat Salad: Chewy pan-fried halloumi adds a pleasing saltiness to this dish. It’s rounded out with bulgur wheat and some roasted sweet potatoes, and an olive or two for good measure. (via The Cook Report)


16. Warm Bulgur Breakfast Bowls: Don’t wait until lunch or, gasp, dinner. Get your fix with these nutritious, delicious warm bulgur breakfast bowls. (via Give Recipe)


17. Sweet Potato Bulgur Citrus Salad: This hearty bulgur salad tastes surprisingly fresh and light, so you can opt for a second helping. (via The Full Helping)


18. Buttermilk Dressed Bulgur Squash Salad: This hearty salad has just about everything. It’s filled with arugula, toasted pecans, avocado, sweet potatoes, and bulgur, and then finished with a creamy buttermilk dressing. (via Pop Kitchen)


19. Falafel Salad: Sure, this salad doesn’t actually contain falafel, but it’s the next best thing. It’s a combination of bulgur wheat, chickpeas, herbs, and a tahini dressing that will satisfy your cravings, all without having to bust out the deep fryer. (via Budget Bytes)


20. Lemon Dill Bulgur Salad With Salmon: Made with salmon and bulgur, it’s hard to go wrong with such a super(food) meal. (via Joyful Scribblings)

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