If mega model Cara Delevingne hasn’t already totally captivated you on the runway or in glossy print, then let us suggest turning to Instagram to get lost in the BrIt-girl’s candid feed. Like her 5.5 million followers, we’re fascinated just as much by her goofball antics as we are her power brows (#eyebrowenvy), and C knows exactly when to ham it up or glam it up for her fans. So it was no surprise when Cara used the app earlier this week to recruit “a few lucky fans” to pose with her in a campaign for her brand-new capsule collection with DKNY, slated to hit stores in November.

The contest is as easy as 1, 2, #OOTD: “To enter, just post a pic of yourself looking fresh to your Instagram and tag #CaraD4DKNY and #CaraWantsYou.” The two or three (18-or-older) users who take the top prize will get to model pieces from Cara Delevingne for DKNY alongside the designer herself. Expect the 15-piece collab to be a versatile collection of casual-cool garments that mimic Cara’s off-duty style, like a matching sweat suit, tees, a leather moto jacket and of course, beanies. Most pieces will retail as unisex, so dudes, get in on this contest too! Just do it fast — you can submit your snaps until Monday, June 16 at 11:59 p.m.

So now you’re just one #selfie away from voguing with your new bestie Cara D — how are you gonna snap it? Will you DIY a Vogue-worthy backdrop, wear your bossest beanie or bulk up your brows (#twins)? Or all of the above? Since the pressure’s on, we’re turning to Cara’s feed to let her online antics inspire you some more for your one-shot snap.

Nail a Tongue-Out Selfie: Cara has perfected the tongue-out pose (you lose, Miley) and it looks SO rock and roll. Learn from the badass master and nail your own totally T.Swift approved funny face.

Pose With Your Furriest Friend: Cara’s secret weapon? Her floppy eared P.I.C. + fellow Instagram sensation, Cecil. The furball is responsible for some of the most aww-inducing pics ever to be uploaded, so play to Cara’s soft spot and pose with your furriest friend (you might want to dress them up, too!).

Show Off Your Style Versatility: Cara is the ultimate tomboy, and we feel complete wardrobe envy whether she’s rocking a couture gown down the runway or just kicking it in skinnies + sneaks. We bet that showing off your versatile style will earn yourself a double tap straight from C.

Be Yourself: She’s wild, she’s weird and she’s right at the top of our list (with Emma Stone + Mindy Kaling, of course!) for BFF of our dreams. Get Cara to heart your photo by showing off your authentic self. After all, that’s why Cara partnered with DKNY in the first place. As she puts it: “They truly embrace the weirdness in all of us, so you can really be yourself.” #preach

How would you pose to catch Cara’s eye? Tell us about your model moves + best #selfie tricks in the comments below.