Sure you’ve thought about what a trip to the mall would look like if you had Beyonce’s budget — but admit it, your inner geek was a little jeal when Shaq made headlines for his $1,000 a week app-buying habit. The bballer isn’t the only superstar with their finger on the download button.

Supermodel and superfan of being herself on social media, Cara Delevingne let Vogue Australia get a glimpse at what’s on her phone recently. And it’s much less scandalous than you might think. Here are her top 12 favorite apps including the essentials, a couple games, one or two DLs for productivity and maybe even a few that might help you get a tiny fraction of the Likes her Instagrams do.

1. impossible (Free): Cara told Vogue: “My friend Lily Cole created her own app [impossible] that connects people so they can help each other out… such a simple and beautiful idea!” Can we be Cara’s next techy friends? We’ll teach her everything about 3D printing!

2. SocialNote Pro ($1): For the social media snobs among us (guilty), it can be considered a minor faux pas when people post text to photo-friendlier networks. But if you’re going to do it, do it all pretty-like, with the help of an app Cara uses to share “words of wisdom, quotes, advice or just random ramblings” to the ‘Gram.

3. Sullivan’s List ($3): Love the story behind this fun download: “This is based on a guy who made a list of all the events and places he wanted to experience in the world after he was struck by lightning SEVEN times. You can create your own ‘to-do list’ if you don’t want to wait for lightning to strike!” We’re in! But, wait. SEVEN TIMES?!

4. ASAP54 (Free): Um, us too, us too! The app lets you snap a picture of a style you want and find it (or things like it) online. Cara admits she hasn’t used the newer app that much just yet, but we hope to have a mobile hub to steal all of her style when she does.

5. VSCO Cam (Free): “Amazing new camera app that lets you create a masterpiece and trick your friends into thinking you’re a really good photographer.” Can Cara just review all new apps? She could co-write What’s App-ening!

6. The Cut on the Runway (Free): Your favorite dot com for fashion news has its very own iPad app that lets you browse, search through and rate catwalk photos from all the hottest shows, from MIlan to NYC. Probably one or two that Cara is in.

7. British Vogue (Free + mag subscription): “Just like the regular magazine but with extra video, shoot outtakes, and lots and lots of photos and goodness.” And you can download the app in the States, too!

8. Instagram (Free): Uh, we could have told you this one. Cara’s pet bunny’s account has more followers (almost 65,000 and counting) than you’ll ever have. Sigh.

9. HootSuite for Twitter & Facebook (Free): Social media managers/editors/producers of the world, you are SO not alone! The supermodel uses the social dashboard for Twitter and Facebook because she says it’s “super easy for sharing new pics and videos on Twitter and Facebook…all in one place.” Agree!

10. Vine (Free): A six-second video is worth a thousand words and even more likes. “I use Vine a lot to make some silly (and some crazy) clips when I have a couple of minutes,” Cara ‘splains.

11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($7): We pictured her as more of a Flappy Bird gal, but Cara explains why the drive around, shoot ‘em up game is a go-to: “Who doesn’t love a joyride through Los Santos? I have my own radio station in GTA V.”

12. Call of Duty®: Strike Team ($7): “I’m a massive fan and this iPad version helps me get my CoD fix when I’m travelling or on shoots,” Cara D tells Vogue. We suppose everyone needs a little stress relief now and then.

Which of Cara’s favorites are already on your phone? What celebs’ phones do you want a closer peek at? Leave your comments below!

(h/t: Vogue Australia)