Are you as juice-curious as we are? We’ve tried our hand at a juice cleanse or two but have yet to get into the DIY action. The trouble is, DIY juicing usually involves a pretty hefty juicer investment. So what’s a healthy hacker to do? Create juice without a juicer, of course!

For this juicing experiment, we went with a simple and zesty Carrot Ginger Juice. We think the Easter Bunny would approve ;)

 – 2 cups chopped and peeled carrots (about four large carrots)

– 2 cups cold water

– 4 tablespoons chopped and peeled fresh ginger root (about one three inch piece)

– 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (the juice of half of one small lemon)

 – blender

– pitcher

– cheese cloth

– rubber band

Start by peeling the carrots and ginger.

Then, give everything a good chop!

Put your carrots and ginger into the blender and add the water.

Now squeeze in the FRESH lemon juice. It must be fresh, muy important. Blend for three to four minutes. You want everything to be as smooth as possible.

Cover the top of the pitcher with the cheese cloth. Attach it tightly with the rubber band. Make sure it’s secure or the weight of the pulp will cause it to fall and you’ll have to start all over. Pour the content of the blender over top the cheese cloth and squeeze the pulp. You’ll be surprised how much extra juice you can get out of there!

Now you’re ready to drink up! We think carrot ginger juice is best served extra cold.

Have you ever tried making juice without a juicer? What are your favorite recipes? Talk to us in the comments below.