Summer is right around the corner, and that means one thing: vacation time. Traveling can be a bit stressful, so we鈥檙e bringing you a list of items to help alleviate some of that hassle. Whether you鈥檙e headed to NYC for some major shopping or to Miami for some much-needed beach time, we鈥檝e got you covered with everything from stylish accessories to yummy snacks. Ready, set, scroll!


1. Carter Backpack ($79 鈥 $189): This backpack is the carry-on to bring along. Whether you鈥檙e traveling with children or solo, this keeps everything out of your hands, making it a whole lot easier to grab a latte before you board. It鈥檚 also available in SEVEN other color combinations.


2. Gold Dots Print Travel Case ($25): Gold. Polka. Dots. This gorgeous bag is just what you need to keep all your beauty products organized and contained. Get ready for quick access to your lotion, lip balm and all those other must-have essentials.


3. Color Splash Scarf ($36): Don鈥檛 you just love the extreme climates of airplane travel? NOT. Keep those frigid cold fronts from making you shiver with a big, beautiful and colorful scarf.

lotion stick

4. Solid Lotion Stick ($10): It鈥檚 well known that airplanes can be very dehydrating for your skin. Keep this handy dandy lotion stick with you to avoid getting that not-so-attractive, super dry, cracked skin. Bonus: This product is 100% natural and vegan.


5. Gridlock Fanny Pack ($34): Store your phone, wallet and boarding pass in this gridlock fanny pack for quick access. It鈥檚 perfect for keeping your hands free to grab that coffee or quick snack while you rush to your gate.

diy jewelry

6. DIY Travel Jewelry Organizer: One thing we all would love to avoid is getting our necklaces tangled, and another thing we totally love is any chance to DIY. Check out this adorable travel jewelry holder that鈥檚 easy peasy to make. (via Brit + Co)

stick on wallet

7. Wally Stick-On iPhone Wallet ($40): This stick-on wallet will make your travel experience even easier. And since most of us can鈥檛 live without our phones, it鈥檚 perfect for whipping out your ID in the security line. Stick this in your fanny pack (see above) to make airport lines a breeze.


8. Whoo Hoo! Luggage Tag ($11): Just because you鈥檙e carrying on doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 have a fun luggage tag to stand out from the crowd. We love how bright and cheerful this tag is 鈥 it鈥檚 perfect way to start and end your vacay.

beauty flash balm

9. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm ($46): Sure, the airline offers you drinks to quench your thirst, but what about your skin? Use this to get an instant lift and hydration for your skin, both during and after your flight.

mobile charger

10. Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): What鈥檚 the number one thing besides snacks you鈥檒l need on the airplane? Music, ebooks and games, of course! As soon as your cell phone battery hits the single digits, plug this bad boy right in to stay powered throughout your entire flight.


11. Ear Foam High Performance Headphones ($18): Looking to get some work done or perhaps watch a movie? Escape the chatter of fellow passengers (or screaming babies) with these comfy headphones.

travel perfume

12. Sugar Bandit Eau de Parfum ($50): This travel-size perfume is the best pick-me-up after a long flight. With scents of caramel, white chocolate, Madagascan vanilla, cedarwood and sandalwood, it鈥檚 a great way to freshen up.


13. CitySlips Luxe Classic聽Patent Travel Flats ($19): How cute are these foldable ballet slippers? They鈥檙e awesome if you鈥檙e planning to slip into some heels after your flight. And even if you鈥檙e not switching shoes, they are adorable all on their own.

NM-3LVG_mz-645x806 copy

14. Travel Blanket and Pillow Set ($33): We鈥檝e already expressed our dislike for airplane temps. Stay even warmer with this travel blanket/pillow combo. You鈥檒l be cozy and comfortable鈥 even if you have that dreaded middle seat.


15. Potato Chip Bar 3 Bar Set ($15): Yum! Skip the peanuts and pretzels and enjoy your own snack. Talk about a delish treat that鈥檚 a great match for a movie or a good read.

16. Dental Travel Kit ($6): After all that munching on chocolate, you鈥檒l want to freshen up with some minty goodness.

What are your must-have carry-on items? Leave us a comment below!