Time to vote! Which one is worse: Tangled necklaces or losing one earring? They’re both pretty terrible. Our solution: this all-in-one travel jewelry case! This is a MUST for your next trip, whether it’s a two-week-long journey or a quick overnight to Southern Cali. If you’re not sure what else to pack, may we suggest cute sandals to match your summer dresses and a punny beach cover-up for lounging at the pool? ;)



– canvas

– patterned and solid fabric

clear pouches

– cord


– sewing machine

– sewing pins

– ruler

– scissors

– pen


1. Cut 2 rectangles out of canvas that measure 10 x 13 inches. Then cut one rectangle that measure 11 x 15 inches out of canvas and another out of your patterned fabric.

2. Find the center of your 11 x 15-inch canvas rectangle and then pin on your desired pouch. Sew onto the canvas.

3. Use your solid colored fabric to create a pocket and loops for necklaces to hag from. Sew onto the canvas.

4. Once you have prepared the desired jewelry holders on your canvas, pin to the patterned fabric with the pockets (good side) facing in.

5. Sew around 3/4 of the rectangle, then turn right-side out and sew up the hole.

6. Do this same process for the 10 x 13-inch rectangles. Attach your desired pockets and sew.

7. Cut a piece of paracord and sew to the front side (patterned) of your rectangle.

8. Pin the center line of the smaller rectangle to the center line of the larger rectangle. Then sew down this line.

9. Fill with your favorite jewelry and head off to your tropical vacay!


Fire up that sewing machine, and let’s get started.


You will need canvas and a fun patterned fabric to complete this DIY. Cut two canvas rectangles that measure 10 x 13 inches, one canvas rectangle that measures 11 x 15 inches and one pattern rectangle that measures 11 x 15 inches.


Since we’re making a travel jewelry book, find the center of each sized rectangle. This will make it easier for you to center your pieces on your “page.”


Pin your pouch to the canvas page and sew. We used fun neon thread to amp up the neutral canvas.


Use your solid colored fabric to add loops and pockets to your canvas page. You’ll want to create pieces that are about 8 inches wide. When pinning, add extra space so your jewelry can slide in.


Pin your canvas to the patterned fabric. Make sure to pin good sides facing in. Sew 3/4 of the way around and then turn right side-out and sew closed.


Follow the same process for the 10 x 13-inch piece of canvas. Sew your desired add-ons to the inside page.


Pin the center of the pages together and then sew. You’re almost ready for vacation.


Cut a long piece of paracord, pin and sew onto the patterned side of the rectangle.


Check it out! A four-page jewelry-holding slice of heaven.


When choosing your color palette, try to use brights that will pop and complement each other.


Pop in your jewelry. Canvas is a great material to hold your earrings. Stick the posts through the canvas and attach the back on the other side. The neutral color makes the earrings pop and easy to spot.


Attach your bracelets to the sewn loops. Wait — is that a Katy Perry fast food charm bracelet? Yes. Yes it is.


The clear pouches are perfect for extra long necklaces that could get tangled.


The loops paired with the bottom pouch will keep delicate chains separated and not tangled when traveling. Total win!


All packed and ready to go!


Summer plans? Tell us where you’re going and your favorite packing tips and tricks.