Now that spring has finally settled in for good (hello, skirts!), it’s time to introduce the outside elements into our homes. No, we’re not talking about bugs — we’re talking about lavender. This impressive flower has a crazy number of natural properties to save you in any situation, plus it smells oh-so good. Scroll on to see how you can use lavender in your everyday life.

1. Home Freshener : Lavender not only smells good, but it will calm your nerves as well. Create a spa-like treatment in your house with these candles, or DIY an air freshener with natural ingredients. (via Brit + Co)

2. Lavender Centerpiece: Need to give your room some life? Add some lavender to a floral arrangement on your coffee table or bedside table for some I-love-nature decor. Not only will it look pretty, but it will smell amazing too. (via KT Merry)

3. Lavender Household Cleaner: Make your house smell like a garden by DIYing a kid-safe, lavender-infused vinegar solution as an all-purpose cleaner. Because of its anti-bacterial qualities, it will disinfect your home without all those awful chemical smells. #GROSS (via Little Green Dot)

4. Lavender Bath Soak: Using lavender is a great way to de-stress at the end of the night (besides drinking wine, of course ;). It has antiseptic qualities to reduce any skin irritations and aches. If you want the ultimate experience, just combine oatmeal and Epsom salt to give your body some extra lovin’. (via The Everygirl)

4. Dandruff Treatment: If you are having a hard time dealing with the after-effects of the winter months, try using lavender to get rid of dandruff. With its anti-fungal properties, it should take care of a dry, flaky scalp after a couple of uses.

5. Coffee and Food Enhancer: Taste a bit of spring by making your own infused simple syrup to freshen up your drinks. Mix it in with your coffee and say goodbye to Starbucks. (via Offbeat and Inspired)

7. Hair Growth Treatment: Because lavender helps regulate blood circulation, it’s a great remedy for hair loss. Massage the essential oil into your scalp, and incorporate coconut or jojoba oil for extra benefits. Soon your selfies will always include #wokeuplikethis because of your amazing hair. (via Beauty High)

8. Hangover Cure: This powerful flower can relieve nausea, making it a great remedy for those apocalyptic hangovers. Eat or drink lavender-infused edible treats to help with the spinning and the regrets. (via Wallflower Girl)

9. Ice Cubes: If you’re one of the lucky ones living in a city already feeling the hot temperatures, cool off by adding lavender ice cubes to your cup. It’ll make that ordinary glass of water feel extra fancy. (via Biaty Kredens)

10. Insect Repellent: Lavender has been used as a bug repellent for centuries, since it prevents bug bites and deters the spread of infections from bug bites. It also nourishes your skin when you spray it on. You can’t beat this two-for-one combo. (via Hello Natural)

11. Insomnia Remedy: Add a few droplets of lavender essential oils to your pillows or tuck a satchel full of the stuff under your pillow for a relaxing night’s sleep. You’ll feel more energized at the start of your day. (via 100 Layer Cake)

12. Lavender Lemonade: Create this drink for cooling off during the warmer months. If you and the girls want to take it up a notch, add some vodka for an adult-approved drink. (via InnBrooklyn)

13. Burn Treatment: Massage lavender lotion into your skin to help treat eczema, acne and psoriasis. If you have a burn or sunburn, rubbing this body butter over your skin will help heal the damaged area faster. (via Lia Griffith)

14. Lavender Sugar: Ever wanted to try something new in your teas and sweets? Give this recipe a go by adding lavender to your sugar for a flowery finish. Your tastebuds won’t get enough! (via Brit + Co)

15. Snack Cravings Cure: Top off cookies with dried flowers for an easy and gorgeous snack to serve at your next brunch. Your BFFs will be so impressed. (via Babble)

16. Wrinkle Prevention: Lavender is a circulatory stimulant that can help moisturize and prevent wrinkles on your face. Skip the pricy skin lotions and DIY your own — your bank account will thank you. (via Hello Natural)

Know any other cool ways to use lavender in your home? Tell us in the comments below!