As self-admitted crazy cat ladies, there’s pretty much nothing we love quite as much as our furry feline friends. Except maybe wine — that’s a pretty big toss-up! We’re clearly not alone: With a brush that lets you lick your cat on the market and cat yoga studios in existence, there’s obviously a pretty high demand for anything and everything purr-related.

cat bar

That’s why Denver Cat Company (Colorado’s first cat café) is taking things up a notch. Forget cat cafés (even if you’re trying to pick up a date) — this company has plans to build America’s first — wait for it — cat bar.

That’s rigggghhhttt! Our prayers may soon be answered, bringing our two favorite things together as one. With a Kickstarter page in place to fund the project, the Denver Cat Bar hopes to be your new evening go-to (cats are nocturnal, after all) for all things adoption and wine.

kicker starter

Asking for donations from cities even outside Denver’s limits to reach its goal of $60,000, the page points out that by making history with this locale as the first working cat bar, you’d be helping to open doors for other city planners to approve similar projects.

As an added incentive, those who pledge $50 or more will receive a place alongside your own kitty on the “Cat Creator” wall, guaranteed reservations for yourself and a guest in the first two weeks of opening and your choice of a branded t-shirt, wine tote or shot glass. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

With their plans to feature local art and limited edition wines such as Pinot Meow, and, more important, to help even more cats find their forever homes (the café has placed more than 150 in 18 months), we’re SO on board with this idea.

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(h/t Bustle, photos via @denvercatco and Sana Hamelin/Kickstarter)