Lavishing our kitties with love and attention is nothing new around here, from building catios for our feline friends to showing them life-long love with pet tattoos and sometimes even wondering if we ourselves are actually cats. If this sounds like you (especially the latter option), then you’ll be happy to know that you can now truly get your kitty-vibe on and groom your pet pal just like its fellow feline friends with the Licki Brush ($15).

Licki Brush

“Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding. There’s also evidence to suggest that cats view and treat their human captors as large cats,” the Licki Brush folks tell us via their Kickstarter page. “As a human, you’re left out of the intimate licking ritual. At best, you have a one-sided licking relationship with your cat.” Who knew that was a bad thing?

Ready for a quick how-to? “Slowly approach your cat when she is sleeping or in an otherwise pleasant mood, and ease into the soothing and mutually beneficial licking behavior of cats. Don’t be surprised if your cat licks you back.” Or swats the living crap out of you! The Licki Brush seems like it would be great if you have a cuddly kitty, but if you have the type of cat that would rather scratch your face off than get a belly rub, you may want to pass this up or else end up looking like Miley Cyrus after her feline attack.

Check out the Licki Brush in action in the vid below and head over to their Kickstarter page. Happy lickin’, feline-loving friends!

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(h/t People, photos via Licki Brush + Getty)