Meow, kitty. We know you love your little feline so much, you’re willing to pamper them at the airport, carry ’em in your hoodie and do just about anything for them. For everyone who is kitten-less, or those traveling through NYC without their furry friends, there’s a place you need to check out. Meet the Meow Parlour, a cat cafe that also offers yoga.


Say what? We know. This charming cat cafe offers cat petting, cat companionship and even cat meow-carons at a connected patisserie.


But that’s not all — every Tuesday, according to The Cut, for an hour and a half, Meow Parlour also offers cat yoga. That means 30 minutes of cat bonding, 45 minutes of yoga and 15 more minutes chasing the kitties around trying to give them a goodbye squeeze. Check out a few of our fave pics from visitors to the Meow Parlour.


@theleementoflaughter: “How many cats can you find?” says @theelementoflaughter. These little ones seem to love to take in the sun — and the view — from the front window of Meow Parlour. We don’t blame them.


@meowparlour: Check out the new incarnation of cat pose. We’d dig that perch too.


@hellohendrick: Here, kitty kitty… or not. As we know, cats have a mind (and personality!) of their own.


@wellandgoodnyc: A little down dog while our cat friend looks on.


@cderekg: A kitty child’s pose, perhaps?


@carbzombie: Here’s the infamous meow-carons from Macaron Parlour at Meow Parlour. (Just try and say that three times fast!)

Oh, and the best part? The cats are up for adoption!

Tell us in the comments if you’d try this trend next time you’re in NYC!

(Photos via @MeowParlour)