We love outdoor living. Enjoying the morning sun, napping in the afternoon sun and sunbathing every chance we get. Wait… that sounds like a typical day for a cat, right? Thanks to the newest outdoor space trend, your kitty can enjoy outdoor living right along with the rest of the family. For felines who want to get their tan on, “catios” — yes, that’s a patios for cats — are all the rage. The fenced outdoor spaces are showing up all over Instagram, and we’re loving all the luxurious amenities, from scratching posts, shelves, stairs and even cat-friendly plants.


Catios come in many shapes and sizes, from cages that look like something out of a zoo to mini covered balconies. We don’t know if we need one, but we’re definitely intrigued. (Photo via @teambeauchesne)


You can DIY your own catio or you can find companies that will custom build them for you. If you live near a busy road or have to deal with wildlife like raccoons or coyotes, your cat deserves the chance to prowl her property in safety. Catios have the added benefit of saving the local birds and mice from being hunted in case you’re tired of receiving little “gifts.” (Photo via @kahleesithekitty)


Some people choose to add a water feature to the space, plants that cats enjoy like catnip and grass, a few scratching posts and even little bridges, tunnels and stairs. Others are just a covered cage outside of the kitty door to let your feline get some fresh air. (Photo via @crazylazycatmama)


(Photo via @sleekskeleton)

Would you build an outdoor space just for your cat? Tell us what you think in the comments below!