As much as we love to spoil our fuzzy felines with a new home or the latest catnip-laced toy from the store, there’s nothing like a little DIY project to show them just how much you care. These 12 budget-friendly homemade toys and treats will surely do just that, and provide hours of fun for everyone. Even Grumpy Cat can’t be mad about that.

1. Pretty Cat Toys: Making your own toys means you can match them to your decor; with scratch pads and wand toys this pretty, displaying them 24/7 will be a non-issue. (via Design Sponge)

Pretty Cat Toys
Salmon Crunchies Cat Treats

2. DIY Salmon Crunchies Cat Treats: These fishy coins made with only four ingredients will have cats meowing for more. (via The Girl with the Wooden Spoon)

3. DIY Cat Toy Pom Poms: Transform any yarn remnants into colorful pom poms that are purrr-fect for pouncing and pawing. (via PopSugar)

DIY Cat Toy Pom Poms

4. Salmon Oat Cat Treats: These itty bitty cat cookies go all out in the presentation department, down to the final press with tines of a fork. (via Joy the Baker)

Salmon Oat Cat Treats

5. Goldfish Cat Toy: Get out your crochet hook to stitch together this adorable goldfish. Fill this little guy up with some jingles and catnip and let playtime begin. (via Ravelry)

Goldfish Cat Toy

6. Chewy Cat Treats: Made with a jarful of chicken and rice baby food, these treats are the perfect fit for your furbaby. (via Watch Out, Martha)

Chewy Cat Treats

7. Menswear Mouse Toy: Now these are the handsomest house mice we ever did see. Stitched together by hand, it’s a great project even for beginner sewers. (via Martha Stewart)

Mensware Mouse Toy

8. Tuna Catnip Kitty Treats: Ain’t no party like a catnip party, and these kitty treats (along with catnip-laced yarn balls) know how to get it started. (via Joy the Baker)

Tuna Catnip Kitty Treats

9. Thanksgiving-Inspired Cat Toys: These beautifully embroidered toys shouldn’t be relegated to Thanksgiving alone — they’re a great way to practice your stitchery skills year-round. (via On My Honor)

Thanksgiving-Inspired Cat Toys

10. All-Natural Pet Treats: It’s easy to tailor these all-natural treats to suit your feline’s fancy. (via DIY Network)

All-Natural Pet Treats

11. Three Easy DIY Cat Toys: These toys come together in a snap with stuff you just may have around the house already. A few snips followed by a couple strips of washi tape is all it takes to make a ball out of an empty toilet paper roll. (via Good Dogs + Co.)

Three Easy DIY Cat Toys

12. Container Puzzle Feeder: Pets’ brains need exercise too, and this cost-free puzzle feeder delivers. Bonus: Click over for seven other clever ways to make DIY cat toys. (via All You Magazine)

Container Puzzle Feeder

Do you like making DIY toys and treats for your pets? Share your favorite projects with us below!