13 IKEA Hacks Your Pets Will Appreciate
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13 IKEA Hacks Your Pets Will Appreciate

Living with pets offers a unique set of decor dilemmas. You want your furry friends to feel comfortable, but you also don’t love the idea of giant cat towers or dog crates taking up floor space in your living room. Fortunately, pets love a good IKEA hack just as much as we do, and the inexpensive pieces of furniture ensure you won’t cringe every time there is a messy accident. Whether you’re trying to hide an icky litter box or just trying to make a dog house that isn’t totally ugly (or costs hundreds of dollars), here are 13 IKEA hacks that shorten cleaning time, leaving you more time for puppy photo shoots.

1. Basket Bed: Pick up an IKEA woven basket, screw it into the wall and add a cushion for a stylish piece of kitty wall art. (via Row House Nest)

2. Credenza Hack: Create a workspace with tons of storage and a little space for your pup. The bed is an IKEA doll bed but works perfectly for our tiny besties. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Modern Food Bowls: DIY this clever food bowl stand to keep mess to a minimum. The height will hopefully help your pesky kitty from knocking over the water dish. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

4. Hidden Dog Crate: Instead of tripping over an ugly dog crate all the time, hack an IKEA bedside table into a cute little space where your dog can be next to you without messing up your room decor. (via IKEA Hackers)

5. Shelf Perch: If your kitty is a tree-dweller, they’ll love having their own shelf where they can judge you from above. If you don’t have room for (or don’t like the look of) a giant cat tower, just mount some IKEA shelves and add carpet so they don’t slip off. (via Tatiana’s Delight)

6. Indoor Dog House: If you’ve got a tiny pooch, the IKEA Malm drawer chest can be turned into a cute little doghouse that doesn’t distract from or ruin your decor. Top it with a giant plant to really take things to the next level. (via IKEA Hackers)

7. Litter Box Side Table: We’re not sure we want the litter box in our living room, but if you’re looking for a sneaky way to hide that box, hide it in an IKEA side table. Put the kitty entrance through the back of the cabinet so when the doors are closed, no one has any idea it’s not just a table. (via Bella Pop)

8. Window Lounger: Stack LACK side tables and coffee tables for an inexpensive but rather stylish place for your cats to spend their days napping. (via IKEA Hackers)

9. Lack Table Tree: We see you there, LACK tables. Create a treehouse paradise for kitty by stacking Lack tables together and wrapping the legs in twine for scratching heaven. (via Princess Guerriere)

10. Doggy Diner: Raised food dishes are not only a little tidier, but they are also healthier for your dog as it helps them breathe better while they eat. Use an IKEA computer riser for a little food shelf that doesn’t get in the way. It’ll even fit well in a narrow hallway. (via Little Victorian)

11. DIY Bed: Pick up some ball feet or wooden legs from IKEA and then mount them on anything you want. Half of a vintage suitcase made the perfect sized bed for this little guy, but you could use just about anything. (via My So Called Crafty Life)

12. Cat Food Tray: If you’re tired of constantly sweeping up cat food messes, create a cute little tray area for their dishes, food and, most importantly, treats. Not only does it look sleek and tidy, but everything is organized and much easier to clean. (via Beauty Lab)

13. Tiered Bed: Just add cushions to an IKEA tray table for a ridiculously easy hack that your cats will definitely love. (via Hanna Ollila)

What are your favorite hacks to make life with pets easier? Talk to us in the comments below!