Cat lovers know that their furry companions deserve only the best, and when it comes to making those little fur balls happy, food, cuddles and being outside run pretty high on the list of must-haves. In addition to showering your feline friend with DIY cat treats, you might also consider building a *catio* (cat + patio = catio) to make sure they get to enjoy the warm spring weather. Even the most basic catio has it all: It’s an outdoor enclosure that allows your cats to roam freely and safely while they birdwatch. Here are some creative ideas to inspire your cats’ new outdoor digs.

Catio Playground

1. Cat Playground: If you’re not sure what to include in your catio, just think: The more toys, the better. Set up hanging bridges, tunnels and trees — whatever you think will keep your furry feline well-occupied. (via Pinterest)

bed bath beyond wooden cat run

2. Bed Bath & Beyond Trixie Wooden Outdoor Cat Run ($400): Set your catio out in the open grass of your backyard for optimum exposure to nature. They’ll love getting the chance to bask in the warmth of the sun while rolling around in the grass.

sky valley chronicle cat bridge

3. Cat House: If you’re feeling a little fancy, build a complete cat house with a suspension bridge that connects your home to your cat’s. That’s one spoiled kitty, but you’d do pretty much anything for your favorite furry neighbor. (via Sky Valley Chronicle)

catio spaces windowsill

4. Window Box Veranda: This window perch catio includes a durable UV-protected sunroof that’s designed to keep your little one protected year-round. Extend it past the window to give your kitty extra room to stretch. (via Catio Spaces)

catbitats 1

5. Garden Catio: If you don’t necessarily have a backyard, not a problem. Install your catio with lots of cat-safe plants to give your cat the feeling of venturing in the wilderness without ever leaving the comfort of home. (via Catbitats)


6. Feline Paradise: This kitty resort catio was actually made for four Scottish folds, and there’s plenty of room to explore. Complete with climbing ramps, perches, catnip and a freaking koi pond, this feline paradise is one your cat wouldn’t mind escaping to. (via Catio Showcase)

Outdoor cat enclosure with rain cover Beautiful World Living Environments

7. Outdoor Cat Enclosure With Rain Cover: This catio is the perfect example of a window perch gone mega. Depending on how high your window is (first or second story), building this enclosure for your cat might be *just* the fun climbing toy they need. (via A Beautiful World / Pinterest)

Cordelia and Willow enclosed outdoor playground

8. Catio on Patio: Combine your patio with your cat’s catio by simply building theirs on top of yours. Don’t forget to add plenty of interactive toys, like a spiral staircase and a place for you to sit — you know, so they have a lap. (via The Oregonian)

outdoor cat enclosure

9. Outdoor Cat Enclosure: This huge outdoor enclosure is the pet pasture cats didn’t know they needed. With plenty of room to roam, your feline friend will love playing in the grass while soaking up fresh air and sunshine. (via craz7catgal / Pinterest)


10. Large DIY Backyard Cat Enclosure: This literal “cat tree” is all kinds of awesome and brings a natural feng shui vibe in your backyard. Add places to perch so kitty can nap in peace. (via Cuckoo 4 Design)


11. Kitty Jungle Gym: If you’ve got quite the active cat, this kitty jungle gym catio is #goals. Create an expansive catio that connects directly to your home, whether it’s by pet door or window. With stairs, tunnels and perches, all the neighborhood cats will be so jelly. (via Cuckoo 4 Design)

the cat carpenter hyde park catio

12. Simple Wood + Wire Catio: Taking a more minimalist approach, this room-like catio is the best way to give your cat the fresh air they need without cluttering up your own space. Add perches at all heights and throw in a side of catnip, and you’ve got one seriously happy kitty. (via The Cat Carpenter)


13. Backyard Retreat: Connect the catio directly to the side of your house for added convenience if your cat’s the more lethargic kind. Add a few plants for privacy and aesthetic appeal — just don’t forget to make sure they’re non-toxic for kitties. (via My Web Room)

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