Mother’s Day is coming up, and, that means one thing — party! Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a party, but you def need to celebrate. There will be macaroni necklaces, lopsided pancakes, and crayon-scribbled cards… oh, wait. Your kiddo is still cooking. That doesn’t mean you need to sit out on the celebration. Check out the reasons why you should celebrate Mother’s Day even though you’re still expecting.

Pregnant woman holding stomach

1. You’re already a mother. Seriously. You have a baby. It’s just on the inside. You’ve seen that sweet little face on the ultrasound, and you can feel her kicking. Even though she can’t give you a Mother’s Day hug or kiss, that doesn’t take away from the fact that you already have a child. And that calls for a celebration!

2. Being pregnant is hard. Growing another human being inside of your body isn’t exactly easy. Between morning sickness, the overwhelming exhaustion, the swollen feet, the backaches, and everything else, you are totally deserving of a celebration. If anyone deserves some special attention today, it’s you. Come on, breakfast in bed? Of course every pregnant mama needs this. Too bad it’s not a daily thing.

3. Your S.O. is super-thoughtful. Your significant other is all about your goddess-like, gorgeous pregnant self. Sure, the baby is still in the bump. But that won’t stop your dearest partner from celebrating you on this day. Along with a gourmet breakfast in bed, your significant other has planned a day of pampering and much, much more. Hey, if someone else is already planning the celebration, you might as well take advantage.

4. It’s a family thing. Yes, Mother’s Day is all about Mom. But without the rest of the family, it wouldn’t be a celebration. Think of this day as a way to recognize your family. Whether it’s you and your S.O. or you’re also inviting your own mama over, make this about all of you. Have a family picnic, make dinner together, or just spend the day celebrating parenting.

5. You need a party. Well, maybe it’s more like a celebratory brunch than a party. But it’s still festive. Right now, you’re feeling kind of anxious about this parenting thing. A day of fun can cut that stress down and make you optimistic about becoming a mommy. Along with that, it might just take your mind off of the zillion baby things that have been filling your mind and get you to let loose. At least, as loose as an expectant mama can get.

6. Simple gestures rule. No one is saying that you need to rent out a hall and have a catered affair for your first Mother’s Day after conceiving. Something as simple as a card and a hug from your S.O. is enough to make your day. This little, “Hey, you’re going to be an awesome mom” moment is super sweet and something that you’ll remember well into your mommy-ing years.

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