The holidays are all about spending quality time with family and friends. But sometimes, as you’re scrolling through your Instagram and Twitter feeds and seeing all of the fabulous things celebrities are doing, you kinda wish you were hanging with them instead. We figured why not make you (and ourselves) even more envious you didn’t get to spend the day unwrapping presents and drinking mimosas with all the famous faces out there and roundup all the holiday shenanigans our fave celebs got into on Christmas day?! Take a look at what the jet set were up to this year!


1. Beyoncé: Queen Bey flew to Iceland to have some champagne and make snow angels because she runs the world, even on Christmas.


2. Mindy Kaling: Christmas in Hawaii, that’s a project we wish we were assigned to as well.


3. Britney Spears: Brit and her boys all dressed in matching plaid, all hail the Queen of Pop (and Christmas).


4. Reese Witherspoon: An actual Wreath Witherspoon. How meta.


5. Miley Cyrus: In typical “WTF Miley?” fashion, we have no idea what’s going on here. But we do approve of all the Christmasy, ’90s accessories.


6. Lauren Conrad: Spreading Christmas joy in the cutest way possible, as only LC could.


7. Lorde: So we didn’t make the cut for Lorde’s Christmas card list, but we’ll use hers as inspiration for next year’s DIY card.


8. Taylor Swift: What better way to finish off a totally killer year than with Christmas and a birthday?


9. Neil Patrick Harris + David Burtka: The dapper dads celebrated festivus with a feast for their children.


10. Allison Williams: When she’s not playing Peter Pan, this girl sports tacky Christmas sweaters like the rest of us for the holidays.


11. Solange: The Knowles ladies couldn’t be bothered by Christmas back then. Guess visions of sugar plum fairies and future jet setting and champagne popping was lookin’ way better.


12. Jesse Tyler Ferguson: But first, let him take a #selfie (after he figures out how to use it).


13. Mariah Carey: Mimi hung out with some reindeer because, well… does there really need to be an explanation.


14. Lady Gaga: You think the divas were planning the emancipation of Gaga?


15. Justin Timberlake: JT took off his suit and tie and hit up the mixer to bake away the holiday.


16. Jessica Alba: Honestly, we wouldn’t of minded waking up to this scene.


17. Hugh Jackman: Wolverine hanging with Taylor, nbd.


18. Lena Dunham: This girl is just like us, she woke up giddy on Christmas morning ready for all the gifts underneath the tree.


19. Rihanna: RiRi had a blue christmas indeed.


20. Rachel Zoe: This family photo is MAJOR.


21. Kelly Osbourne: You think the Fashion Police panelist is a Scandal fan or her family is actually trying to tell her something?


22. Kelly Oxford: This writer totally aced the #TBT Christmas in this festive robe that we’re totally jealous of… even as grown-ups.


23. Joe + Nick Jonas: Our invite to spend the day on the mountains with the JoBros must have gotten lost, maybe we didn’t make the nice list after all…


24. Drake: We were hoping for one of his signature sweaters under our trees, but we’re also down with this animated, somber Christmas wish from Drizzy.


25. Blake Lively: Our fave soon-to-be mom knows just how to preserve the holidays.


26. Kylie Jenner: A puppy? This famous K won Christmas by default because OMG LOOK HOW CUTE.


27. Nicole Richie: The funny, fashionable lady took some time to give back this holiday with Baby2Baby, a charity that supplies Los Angeles families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for kids.


28. Fergie + Josh Duhamel: Fergie Ferg took a break from the spotlight to shine it on her little son and we’re in la-la-la-la-love.


29. Portia de Rossi + Ellen DeGeneres: Portia and Ellen sitting on a Christmas tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.


30. Kendall Jenner: The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan kept up with Santa all night long.


31. Ariana Grande: Doesn’t look like there’s any problems with this tree.


32. John Legend: The R&B singer gave all of himself to you this Christmas while celebrating in the Maldives.


33. Oprah: Miss Winfrey kept it simple and hung with Stedman, Gayle and her godchildren.


34. John Stamos: Uncle Jesse just may be the most attractive Santa Claus there ever was.


35. Madonna: A little album leak didn’t get Madonna down from some Christmas day promo.


36. Kim Kardashian: Throwback with the Kardashians.


37. Lindsay Lohan: Christmas on an island? Must be rough, Linds.


38. Jenna Dewan + Channing Tatum: If this is what Mr. and Mrs. Claus actually look like, we wouldn’t mind them hanging out with us for more than just one night a year.


39. Lucy Hale: A pug onesize. That is all.


40. Emma Roberts: This is a real Polaroid framer.


41. Khloe Kardashian: Khloe cuddling with her niece in a matching onesie just may be better than unwrapping presents.


42. Heidi Klum: The top model hung out with the top Santa (and may have gotten a little naughty).


43. Ciara: You may need to do the one-two step, Ciara, because baby Santa’s got your nose.


44. Drew Barrymore: Aw, a flower power scarf for this flower child.

Which celeb would you have wanted to hang with on Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

Additional reporting by Katelan Cunningham.