If there鈥檚 one drink that can manage to both get the party started and end things on a sweet note, it鈥檚 Champagne. Pop open a few bottles of that bubbly and you鈥檒l soon find out what we mean. These 14 desserts each feature at least a splash of the sparkling stuff, making them the perfect treats to serve up at your next celebration. From New Year鈥檚 Eve to college graduation parties, these Champagne-laced confections add just the right amount of festive touch.

1. Chestnut Macarons With Pink Champagne Filling: It鈥檚 hard to see, but Champagne isn鈥檛 the only glitzy touch featured in these chewy macarons. If you look closely enough, you may be able to catch a glimmer of the edible glitter sandwiched between the shells. (via Mowielicious)

2. Lemon Champagne Cake: Fizzy wine is just the thing to turn run-of-the-mill boxed cake mix into some fancy batter. With a Champagne frosting to match, this mile-high cake is nothing short of impressive. (via Brit + Co)

3. Prosecco-Poached Peaches With Liberte Coconut Yogurt: Poaching is the perfect solution for transforming not-quite-ripe peaches into an elegant topper for yogurt and more. Of course you can use super sweet, fresh-from-the-orchard fruit, but sometimes that鈥檚 just not an option. (via Girl Versus Dough)

4. Mimosa Sorbet Made With Blood Oranges: Blow some minds the next time you host brunch by serving this sorbet up instead of the usual mimosas. (via Hungry Australian)

5. Pink Champagne Cupcakes: These pretty-in-pink, personal-sized pastries pair beautifully with a nice glass of sparkling ros茅. (via Hummingbird High)

6. Meringue nests with Champagne Poached Strawberries: Champagne and strawberries are one of those classically sexy combinations 鈥 go ahead and bookmark this recipe for Valentine鈥檚 Day. (via Delicious Everyday)

7. Blood Orange-Champagne Cr猫me Br没l茅e: Sparkling-wine-soaked blood orange slices crown the top of these custard cups, adding just a touch of tart flavor to the mix. (via Cooking on the Weekends)

8. Gluten-Free Champagne Cake: Bake this fluffy batter into perfectly-crumbed cupcakes or a full-sized cake. Either one you choose is sure to win over gluten eaters and avoiders alike. (via Gluten-Free on a Shoestring)

9. Brownie Parfait With Strawberry Champagne Sauce: Feel free to cheat a little bit here by swapping in store-bought brownies for homemade. After all, the real showstoppers are the strawberry-Champagne sauce and fluffy vanilla-bean-mascarpone topping. (via Pretty Girls Cook)

10. Champagne Mug Cake: It seems so wrong to put sparkling wine in the microwave, but trust that if you take the plunge, you鈥檒l be rewarded with a fizzy vanilla cake in a matter of minutes. (via Kirbie Cravings)

11. Champagne Cake: If Champagne-laced ganache wasn鈥檛 rich enough, the gold leaf garnish applied to the top of this regal cake is sure to do the trick. (via Food52)

12. Chocolate Champagne Truffles: Take your pick of white or bittersweet chocolate for these truffles tinged with the essence of orange. They鈥檙e a terrific edible hostess gift for any New Year鈥檚 Eve parties you may attend. (via Strudel and Cream)

13. Skinny Champagne Parfaits: For the holidays, upgrade the diet soda commonly found in skinny cakes to a splash of bubbly. Sure, it adds a few calories to the mix, but when layered with berries 鈥 as it is here 鈥 we鈥檒l just go ahead and call it a wash. (via Beyond Frosting)

14. Chocolate Macarons With Chocolate and Champagne Ganache: Bite into these macarons and you鈥檒l be greeted by a surprise fizzy burst. The clever addition of popping candies mimics bubbly Champers oh so well. (via The Botanical Baker)

How do you feel about enjoying Champagne out of the flute? Let us know which one of these desserts you鈥檇 like to invite along to your next celebration!