Sometimes, nothing is better than sucking some bubbles up through a paper straw. Store-bought soda is hardly stirring (though we know of a few that might pique your interest!). If you’re looking for drinks to add a pop of pizzazz to your day, check out these 20 recipes for homemade soda!

1. Lemon Coconut Italian Soda: Limoncello soda combines with coconut syrup and candy flavored coffee creamer to make this sweet sip. It’s a great hand-made intro seeing as it’s more of a semi-homemade kind :) (via The Crafted Sparrow)

2. Fresh Peach Soda: When it comes to fruits that stand for summer, peaches are pretty high on the list. Macerate juicy yellow peaches with a sugar-water mixture, then strain to make your syrup. The recipe will school you in naturally carbonating your water if you’re interested, but you can add it to soda water once your syrup’s done if you can’t wait. (via The Kitchn)

3. Chai Soda: Tea time, anyone? We love this spiced chai tea that you can make yourself. Each sip promises an abundance of spices, and leftover syrup is great for making a chai latte. (via Brit + Co)

4. Orange Ginger Mint Soda: We totally have a crush on this re-invented version of orange soda. Ginger adds some aromatics, while mint keeps this one refreshing. (via Food52)

5. Pomegranate and Rosewater Spritzer: Can we just talk about how pretty this is? Pomegranate juice adds a brilliant shade of red while rosewater gives subtle floral notes to this stunner we’re betting you can’t wait to sip on. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

6. Lemon Basil Soda: Give soda an interesting twist by combining lemon with the sweet and invigorating flavors of basil. Get your creative juices flowing, and try out the basil simple syrup with other fruits and soda water. (via Eclectic Mom)

7. Watermelon Lime Soda: We may have just cracked the code on what Queen Bey meant when she said she was drinkin’ watermelon. Lime simple syrup gets paired with watermelon puree and seltzer for a beverage that’s #flawless. (via Tasty Eats at Home)

8. Ginger Ale: Sick day? Perk yourself up with this recipe for ginger ale that you can make all on your own, and feel better in a jiffy. (via Free People Blog)

9. Lavender Soda: Lavender is calming, smells good and makes a soft drink that’s unexpected but totally worth trying. Get refreshed and relaxed all at once with this beverage that would make for an interesting cocktail mixer. (via Hello Natural)

10. White Peach Maple Soda: Pretty white peaches and sweet maple syrup are behind the rosy hue of this soda. If you’re looking to impress with good looks and an interesting flavor profile, give this recipe a try. (via Quitokeeto)

11. Cranberry Soda: Tart cranberry sweetens up when paired with honey for a unique take on the usual flavors of pop. Topped with lime and some hooch, this would be a great rendition of the Cape Codder for your Labor Day soiree. (via Good Cheap Eats)

12. Homemade Raspberry Lime Soda: Raspberry and lime are a match made in heaven. For a fizzy drink that you can’t help but smile at, sip away at this summer berry staple, and soak in the last few weeks of summer. (via Food 52)

13. Lemon Lime Soda: Some soda flavors are so nostalgic, and lemon lime soda definitely fits that bill. Juice your own lemons and limes, combine with simple syrup and pep up with this drink that’s sure to make you feel sprite-ly. (via I Am Baker)

14. Pink Rhubarb Soda: This soda pop is for those who dare to be different. Pucker up for this sweet-yet-tart beverage, and revel in the unique flavor of this stalk fruit as it mingles with seltzer. (via PopSugar)

15. Pomegranate Soda: Pomegranate juice paired with soda water? We can’t think of anything more perfect. Prime season for poms is September to February, making this a great holiday option. (via Martha Stewart)

16. Grapefruit Soda: Love grapefruits in all of their sweet, slightly bitter and citrus-y glory? Juice some up or get some grapefruit juice and give it a little bit of sparkle! This one’ll leave you feeling super refreshed, and that shade of pink can’t be beat. (via Sweet Life Bake)

17. Strawberry Green Tea Soda: We love the idea of bottling sweet strawberries with green tea to create a soda with mellow tastes and a touch of caffeine. Paired with the chai soda we covered earlier, you could have a baller tea party featuring lots of fizz. (via Gal on a Mission)

18. Homemade Strawberry Ginger Ale: Homemade ginger ale is made through fermenting ginger syrup with yeast to create carbonation. This mix teams up with the juices of macerated strawberries for a mouth-watering thirst quencher. Plus, how cool are you when making your own carbonated drinks? Very! (via Design*Sponge)

19. Dragon Fruit Soda: Dragon fruit, though it sounds a bit intimidating, isn’t all that overwhelming in taste. It’s like the love child of kiwi and pear. Achieve this enviable color with the pink variation of the fruit, and toss in a straw to take yourself to exotic lands without even leaving home. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

20. Hibiscus Tea Sparklers: Fan of the corner Starbucks‘ hibiscus refresher? Make your own version at home using hibiscus tea, honey and a little mint. A drink you can make at home with hardly any fuss? Now that’s refreshing! (via Diethood)

Which of these sodas left you refreshed? Tell us in the comments!