Can we tell you a secret? You ready? Brunch is so much better at home. Yes, we love going out for eggs and an unlimited mimosa bar as much as the next girl, but when it comes to Mother鈥檚 Day, the best restaurant in town is in your house. You can customize the menu of your dreams and hang out with your family, while never getting out of your pajamas. No line, no reservations and all of your favorite treats (yup, unlimited mimosas can happen at your house too). Get into the Mother鈥檚 Day spirit and give one of our top 20 Mother鈥檚 Day brunch recipes a spin.

1. Rosemary and Lavender Baked Donuts with White Chocolate Glaze: Donuts get sophisticated with lovely herbal infusions and a thick, glossy white-chocolate glaze. And they鈥檙e baked, not fried, so they鈥檒l satisfy your sweet tooth while being almost totally guilt free. It鈥檚 a Mother鈥檚 Day miracle! (via Gourmantine)

2. Rye Waffles with Blackberry Compote: It鈥檚 berry season, and we want to put them on absolutely everything. Rye waffles, a fun nutty twist on a classic breakfast staple, are even more delicious when they鈥檙e draped in warm blackberry compote. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

3. Piperade Breakfast Pizzas with Crispy Prosciutto: Yes, moms adore pretty, dainty brunch stuff, but let鈥檚 be honest: We all love pizza, all day, every day, especially when it gets a brunch makeover with eggs and crispy bits of prosciutto. (via Feed Me Phoebe)

4. Sour Cherry and Cream Cheese Coffeecake: Sour cherries. Cream cheese. Crunchy streudel topping. It鈥檚 the coffee cake of dreams. (via Crepes of Wrath)

5. Jalape帽o Cheddar Cornbread Pancakes with Roasted Blueberry Honey Syrup: Brunch is the perfect time for sweet and savory treats, like these spicy jalape帽o cheddar pancakes with a sweet honey-laced blueberry syrup. (via Half Baked Harvest)

6. Minty Grapefruit Br没l茅e: Dress up your breakfast grapefruit! Our fave citrus gets the crunchy sweet br没l茅e treatment, with a lot of fresh mint added in to make it even more refreshing. (via Cooking on the Weekends)

7. Pistachio, Dark Chocolate and Orange Cinnamon Rolls: Cinnamon rolls? Classic. Cinnamon rolls chock full of fancy add-ins like pistachios, dark chocolate and oranges? Genius. (via Joy the Baker)

8. Baked Hash Brown Potato Nests with Asparagus Scrambled Eggs: So dainty, so spring-y, so cute! All of your favorite brunch foods join forces in these perfect little bites. (via Always Order Dessert)

9. Maple and Coconut Oil Roasted Granola with Apricots and Figs: Homemade granola is one of life鈥檚 little luxuries. Make it even more luxurious, and festive, with yummy additions like apricots, figs and coconut oil. (via Petite Kitchen)

10. Ginger Grapefruit Curd: Forget about lemon curd, this is where it鈥檚 at. Create some unforgettable toast by bringing a jar of your own homemade spicy sweet ginger grapefruit curd. (via 101 Cookbooks)

11. Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese and Egg Skillet: Important brunch rule: Everything is more delicious in a skillet. Second important brunch rule: Everything is even more delicious when it鈥檚 covered in goat cheese. We鈥檝e got a winner! (via Naturally Ella)

12. Homemade Coffee Syrups: It鈥檚 not brunch without some fancy coffee drinks! These also make an adorable DIY Mother鈥檚 Day gift. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. Gruyere, Rosemary and Honey Monkey Bread: Monkey bread is always a crowd pleaser, and this sophisticated savory sweet version is a stunner. Who needs a table centerpiece when you have a glossy ring of warm bread? (via Saveur)

14. Sugar Plum Crepes with Ricotta and Honey: Light and lovely crepes are even more magical when they鈥檙e peppered with sweet sugar plums. Ricotta and honey make the perfect plum pairings. (via Smitten Kitchen)

15. Gluten Free Raspberry Oat Scones: Just because you鈥檙e skipping gluten doesn鈥檛 mean you don鈥檛 deserve some delectable scones! These raspberry oat scones are the perfect treat for gluten-free mamas. (via Canelle et Vanille)

16. Blueberry and Almond Buttered French Toast With Peaches: Here it is, a colorful, playful brunch dish that celebrates the season with fresh blueberries and sliced peaches. Almond butter gives this bready treat a protein punch. (via The First Mess)

17. Maple Candied Bacon: It鈥檚 bacon (get it? rhymes with makin鈥!) moms crazy. (via The Clever Carrot)

18. Raspberry Chia Jam: Add a pretty, healthy raspberry kick to your Mother鈥檚 Day festivities with a jar of homemade chia seed jam. We love the vibrant color and the rich flavor and texture. (via A House in the Hills)

19. Goat Cheese Stuffed Fig, Prosciutto and Melon Salad: Turn that classic appetizer 鈥 prosciutto-wrapped melon 鈥 into the perfect salad. A fig addition makes this sweet salty combo even better. (via Foodie Crush)

20. Vanilla Berry Lemonade: We鈥檙e seriously embracing berry season. A pitcher of this delicate vanilla and berry spiked lemonade is the perfect brunch beverage. (via Baking Bree)

What鈥檚 your favorite brunch recipe? Will you be making it for Mother鈥檚 Day? Let us know in the comments!