There’s never too many ways to enjoy Champagne, as evidenced by these Champagne cocktails or these surprising ways to serve Champagne. One of the best ways, however, is undeniably the Champagne Gummy Bears. For anyone who’s ever wanted to try to make their own little boozy bears, we have the super simple method to do just that.


To make your own tipsy-making tasty treats, you’ll simply need a few handfuls of the gummy candies, along with a bottle of Champagne. However expensive or cheapo you want to go with the Champagne is your choice, but we’d have to suggest not dumping the best bottle in the house onto these gummy treats — a fair-priced pick should do just fine. The only other items you’ll need are a bowl and some Saran wrap.

The method for making these Champagne candy concoctions couldn’t possibly be any easier. Simply toss the gummy bears into the bowl, then pour in the Champagne, making sure to fully cover the candies. Then, tightly secure the Saran wrap over the top of the bowl to form a nice seal and pop it in the fridge. Leave your beverage masterpiece to soak overnight, and that’s it, folks. The next day, just pop ‘em in a glass (or directly into your mouth) and enjoy!

Just remember, Champagne gummies are definitely drinking-age-only treats!

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(h/t Pure Wow, photos via Getty)