Champagne: It’s good for mimosas and GREAT for celebrating your BFF’s upcoming wedding at the amazing bridal shower you’re throwing for her. But what your guests *won’t* be expecting from that bottle of bubbly is the edible factor. Think about it — Champagne marshmallows, Champagne donuts + Champagne cake, in addition to the Champagne cocktails? They’ll never see it coming. Kick off your bridal party right by popping a bottle of bubbly and turning it into a feast, featuring your fave fizzy ingredient, for some seriously boozy (and delicious) festivities. Scroll down to wow the bride-to-be with these 21 creative ways to serve Champagne at your bridal shower.

chocolate donuts with strawberry champagne

1. Chocolate Donuts With Strawberry Champagne Glaze: For starters, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate + Champagne combo. Fair warning: They only take 18 minutes to bake, and there’s going to be leftover Champagne. Guess the bride will just have to start sipping early. Darn. (via Boxwood Avenue)


2. Champagne + White Rose Chocolate Pyramids: If their beautiful aesthetic hasn’t won you over just yet, these stunning pyramid treats contain even more whimsical and romantic-sounding ingredients. Your guests will never believe you, but these pretty little pyramids are *super* easy to make, using Champagne, white chocolate, crystallized rose petals and edible gold leaf. (via Butter & Brioche)

champagne popsicles

3. Champagne Popsicles: On a hot summer day, make sure to serve up this fusion of Champagne, sparkling wine and fruits for a summertime daydream. For a personalized touch, try to use fruits in the chosen wedding colors. (via Bakers Royale)


4. Blueberry Chevre Crostini With Champagne Vinegar Hibiscus Flowers: Crunchy crostini meets Champagne vinegar-soaked hibiscus flowers. Make sure to let the baked crostinis cool before spreading the chevre on top and adding the blueberries and flowers. Pro tip: To turn the appetizer into a dessert, drizzle with sweet maple syrup. (via Cali Zona)


5. White Chocolate Champagne Fondue: Cater to your bubbly-lovin’ bridesmaids and bride-to-be with a delicious white chocolate Champagne fondue concoction. Adding fondue will make the party feel more fun and fancy — and the good news is you can make it in only 15 minutes. (via The Seasoned Mom)

champagne macarons

6. Champagne Macarons: Celebrate your bride with Champagne-infused buttercream that’ll really show off your skills. They may not be the easiest cookies to make, but they’re definitely the prettiest. (via Eats Well With Others)

champagne marshmallows

7. Champagne Marshmallows: These light and fluffy booze-filled marshmallows make the perfect treats to pop into your mouth. Serve with strawberries and Champagne for a tasty combo. (via Brit + Co)

champagne ombre cake

8. Champagne Ombre Cake + Soft Italian Meringue Buttercream: Aside from how gorgeous this ombre cake looks, its soft Italian meringue buttercream really seals the deal along with the subtle Champagne taste of the cake. If pink is a little too feminine for your bride-to-be, opt for a more gender-neutral shade or one of the wedding colors. (via Baking-Ginger)


9. Chocolate Dipped Champagne Cherries: Chocolate-dipped Champagne cherries — need we say more? The best part is you can do this with other fruits as well for a refreshing ensemble of fresh chocolate-dipped fruits. (via I Sugar Coat It!)

champagne soaked gummy bears

10. Champagne Soaked “Drunken” Gummy Bears: Though it takes about 10 hours for the gummy bears to soak up all that goodness, once your friends try these, they’ll be hooked! Pro tip: To prevent your bears from swelling up too quickly, store them in the fridge for a day beforehand. (via The Skinny Fork)

chocolate mousse cake with champagne

11. Chocolate Mousse Cake With Champagne Orange Jelly: Freshly squeezed orange juice and Champagne come together to add a fresh and bold citrus flavor component to the rich, chocolate mousse cake. If your bride only drinks mimosas, there’s no doubt that she’ll love this treat. (via Angel Loves Cooking)


12. Champagne + Raspberry Ice Cream Floats: Toast the bride-to-be with Champagne and raspberry ice cream floats. Made of vanilla ice cream, Champagne, homemade raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, these frozen treats are nothing short of heavenly. (via Recipe Runner)

champagne truffles

13. Champagne Truffles: Get a little fancy with your dessert choice with Champagne chocolate truffles. Your friends will love biting into the truffles and tasting the silky smooth ganache. Pro tip: Be careful about how much bubbly you add since the alcohol won’t burn off in the oven. About one tablespoon of Champagne will do! (via What Charlotte Baked)

champagne salad

14. Champagne Salad: With all these delicious dessert ideas going around, there needs to be at least one savory item. This salad with creamy Champagne dressing isn’t just healthy, it’s also got a splash of bubbly in it to make for a fun snack. Alternate with skewered veggies for a dip-able treat. (via Pizzazzerie)


15. Grapefruit + Champagne Bundt Cake: It’s been said that bundt cakes can be boring, but this dessert says otherwise. The light, fluffy, Champagne-spiked, grapefruit-infused bundt cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser. (via Pretty Plain Janes)


16. Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet: When the name alone sounds super refreshing, you already know it’s the real deal. You’ll have to bust out and buy an ice cream maker for this dessert, but it’ll definitely be worth it. Once you’ve got your sorbet, top it off with some whipped cream and pom arils for a pretty finish. (via The Cookie Rookie)


17. Strawberry + Champagne Truffle Tarts: Ready to get the party started? These tarts are filled with chocolate Champagne ganache, then topped with Champagne-soaked strawberries. This is one pastry the bride-to-be won’t want to miss out on. (via Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen)


18. Strawberries + Champagne Cake Balls: Strawberries, Champagne and white chocolate come together to create this tasty dessert. Though it takes 4-5 hours to make, the end product is so lovely it’ll fit right in with the bridal shower’s party decor. To achieve the elegant look, brush each cake ball with gold pearl dust mixed with lemon extract for a gilded edible finish. (via Sugar and Soul)


19. Strawberry Champagne Rainbow Hamantaschen: Hamantaschens, for those not familiar with Jewish treats, are triangular cookies or pastries filled with jam or poppy seeds. This recipe combines everyone’s favorite things: rainbows, booze and cookies — perfect for a bridal shower. (via What Jew Wanna Eat)


20. Strawberry Champagne Soup: Strawberry Champagne soup might not be the first dish to pop into your mind, but knowing that strawberries and Champagne are a perfect pairing makes this unique dessert a promising one. Serve it hot or cold to please your guests. (via The Cookie Rookie)

champagne brandy homemade chocolate

21. Homemade Chocolate With Champagne + Brandy: Chocolate is already up there in the top yummiest desserts, but now you can make it even better by spiking it with Champagne and brandy. Once you whip up a batch of these boozy chocolatey cubes, you’ll have bridesmaids left and right begging you for the recipe. (via The Mediterranean Dish)

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