Not to sound super cheesy, but a board filled with dairy goodness, nuts, crackers and preserves makes our day. Really, who doesn’t love a good cheese board? It’s the perfect party food, it’s super easy to put together and heck, even kiddos can get in on the action. If you find yourself hosting the next shindig among your friends, you must have a cheese board. Or else… be prepared to lose some friends. Just kidding! But just in case some are fickle like that, we’ve found you 15 must-haves to make your next board your all-time best. Pair with a bright and colorful table runner and your cheese-loving friends will be beyond impressed.


1. Cheese Board Kit ($50): The actual board is what makes a cheese board what it is. Create your own custom design with this kit that includes a wood-burning pen for you to doodle to your heart’s content.


2. Goat Cheese Kit ($29): Not to brag, but saying you made your own cheese sounds pretty impressive. This kit makes it super easy and you’ll be left with creamy, delicious goat cheese in about an hour.


3. Colorful Nut Bowls ($2): You’re going to need some cute little bowls for all those nuts and homemade jams and spreads. Pick up a few (or more) to keep your cheese spread looking organized and colorful.


4. Spicy Rosemary Thins: Cheese needs crackers like we need DIY projects. So this recipe is perfect for us (and our cheese board). Fresh rosemary and chili flakes make these crispy wonders the perfect pairing for your homemade goat cheese.


5. Cheese Slicer ($32): Who cut the cheese? You have nothing to be embarrassed about thanks to this compact stainless steel cutter that slices the best slice every single time. It’s great for when you’re running behind and need your cheese board put together fast.


6. Cheese of the Month Club ($275): We’re all about self-gifting over here. Get yourself a subscription to this cool club and you’ll receive three limited-production cheeses a month. Sure beats going to the crowded grocery store and debating over the endless selection of cheeses.


7. Cheese Markers ($25): Make it clear what cheeses you’re serving your guests with these four adorable handmade cheese markers. Select between 10 types of delicious cheeses for your four clay markers. This will ensure you are not being asked which cheese is which over and over and over again.


8. Fig Spread: Fig jam and cheese go together like nothing else. Make your own spread with fresh figs and your friends will deem your cheese board the best dang board on the block. And good news: This jam lasts for a while. You know what that means? Multiple cheese gatherings with friends. (via Raisin & Fig)


9. Harissa-Spiced Nuts ($10): The heat is on. But don’t worry, your cheese board is killin’ it thanks to the help of this spicy mix of walnuts and almonds rolled in a harissa spice blend. A little crunch with a lot of heat is just the way we like it.


10. Cheese Lover Napkins ($40): Napkins can be kinda boring. So use some that will actually get a conversation started. With these, you’ll get a set of 50 on the napkin color of your choice. Plus your guests won’t get cheese all over your place.


11. Cheese Knife Set ($54): These knives are our jam and totally make us giggle every single time. Punny, hand-stamped vintage knives featuring a classic song by the Eurythmics will definitely be a hit with your next cheese board. No doubt about it.


12. Artisan Infused Vinegar Making Kit ($30): You infuse your olive oil, so why not do the same to your vinegar? Your guests will surely be impressed.


13. Large Wood State Board ($65): Show off your state pride with this large-and-in-charge cheese board. You can even use that wood-burning pen from your other cheese board kit to customize your state. Perhaps map out where you have lived? Where you traveled? The option are endless and super sentimental.


14. The Cheese Notes ($5): Class it up a bit and turn your cheese board into a learning experience. This handy notebook includes 24 notecards to jot down your tasting thoughts and 6 table cards to write down the cheese name and overall characteristics.


15. Cranberry Mostarda: Serve up this sweet Italian condiment made with fresh cranberries and mustard-flavored syrup. Just a heads up — the mustard seeds need to refrigerate overnight, so plan ahead for your cheese board’s sake. You won’t regret it. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

Hungry? What must you always have on your cheese board? Tell us in the comments below.