Harissa is the biggest thing in hot sauce since Sriracha, and that has us wondering: Have you jumped on the bandwagon? Whether or not you answered in the affirmative, these 20 almost too-hot-to-handle recipes featuring harissa belong on your table. The chili-herb-oil paste hailing from northern Africa adds an incomparable flavor to everything from brunch to burgers. In short: Let’s spice things up.

1. Egg, Cheddar and Green Harissa Puff Pastry Squares: Now this is one superb way to wake up your taste buds in the morning. (via Blogging Over Thyme)

2. Skinny Tandoori Butter Sweet Potato Fries With Creamy Baked Harissa Feta: Sweet potato fries are fab on their own, but when served with a creamy, spiced feta-brie-cream-cheese dip… well, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t get better than that. (via Half Baked Harvest)

3. Carrot Salad With Harissa, Feta and Mint: Carrots go from “womp womp” to “WOW” in a flash with this recipe. (via Smitten Kitchen)

4. Chickpea Crust Pizza With Harissa and Spinach: Chickpeas and harissa are a natural pairing, so it’s no surprise that the latter makes an awesome sauce for a naturally gluten-free pie. Spinach, caramelized onions and mozzarella join in on the fun, too, making it a great outside-the-box recipe for pizza night. (via My Name Is Yeh)

5. Moroccan Spiced Pumpkin Chickpea Stew: This spicy stew packed with veggies, protein and tons of flavor is excellent served over your favorite grain, from couscous to quinoa. (Okay, so we know couscous is technically pasta, but it’s oh-so-grain-like in appearance and works beautifully here.) (via Happy Hearted Kitchen)

6. Savory Spaghetti Squash Cakes With Poached Eggs and Harissa (Gluten-Free): Roasted spaghetti squash forms the bulk of these fantastic fritters that are pretty darn irresistible all on their own. But when stacked and topped with a dollop of harissa, a handful of spinach and a runny-yolked egg… whoa. Talk about something to swoon over. (via The Bojon Gourmet)

7. Fresh Squeezed Heirloom Harissa Bloody Mary: We believe there is absolutely no reason you should be sipping on a boring bloody Mary. Keep things super fresh and spicy with this tempting fresh tomato blend. (via Vegetarian Ventures)

8. Grilled Harissa Shrimp Skewers With Basil Oil and Cilantro: Here, fresh herbs and a mildly spicy harissa paste work their magic on shrimp without overwhelming its delicate, sweet flavor. (via Blogging Over Thyme)

9. Harissa Roasted Baby Potatoes: These petite potatoes enrobed in a homemade harissa paste should definitely be invited to your next cookout. Who doesn’t love a spicy side or appetizer served on a stick? (via The Flavours of Kitchen)

10. Harissa Chicken Wings: Ain’t no thang like these harissa-rubbed chicken wings. (via Confessions of a Foodie)

11. Roasted Corn With Harissa Butter: You can’t go wrong with these sweet, spicy, buttery ears of corn. Toss them on the grill or pop ’em in the oven for an outstanding, yet easy, side. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

12. Harissa Burger: Harissa aioli alone could carry these burgers, but it doesn’t stop there. Instead, the beef is seasoned with scallions and onions, and red onions are quick-pickled and thrown on top along with bacon, cheese and peppery arugula. (via Feasting at Home)

13. Grilled Salmon With Harissa on Cauliflower Couscous: A mere brush of the spicy stuff elevates flaky grilled salmon to new heights. (via Drizzle and Dip)

14. Broiled Polenta Bites With Green Harissa and Feta: A dollop of homemade green harissa and a few crumbles of briny feta transforms Parmesan-polenta triangles into bites that’re a party for your tastebuds. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

15. Spicy Labneh Balls: Here’s another lovely twist on a Lebanese favorite. Harissa is mixed into these yogurt cheese balls, offering them a peachy hue that’s a gorgeous contrast against a marinade of parsley, lemon zest and olive oil. (via Cooking With Gifs)

16. Shakshouka With Harissa: Make this awesome tomato and egg dish for brunch or dinner — just don’t forget slices of crusty bread! (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

17. Moroccan Chicken Tacos With Harissa Salsa and Goat Cheese: These aren’t your ordinary street tacos. Instead, these shake things up by packing in a ton of Middle Eastern flair. (via Partial Ingredients)

18. Raw Cauliflower and Broccoli Tabouleh (Gluten-Free): Tabbouleh isn’t usually gluten-free, but this version made with a mix of cauliflower and broccoli totally is. Enjoy this veggie-packed dish as a light lunch or terrific side. (via Food From Flossie)

19. Penne With Harissa Roasted Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Carrot Strips and Capers: This is one punchy pasta that you’ll definitely want to keep in mind. We can only imagine how great it would be to cuddle up with a bowlful on a chilly night. (via Cooking With Siri)

20. Harissa Sweet Potato Hash With Merguez Sausage and Eggs: Using flavor-packed merguez (which you can totallyDIY) and harissa means your ingredient list for this outstanding brunch dish is super short without being short on seasoning. (via Feasting at Home)

Which of these harissa-boosted recipes are you loving most? Any other favorite ways you’ve found to use it, or perhaps there’s a homemade version of the paste you think we should try? Let’s talk below!