Summer brings to mind frolicking by the beach, picnics in the park and jet-setting international vacations. But it can also mean blistering, inescapable heat. Sometimes, the temperatures are too hot to even turn on an oven (we’ve got awesome no-cook dinner recipes for nights like those btw). We’ve all heard of that cool trick where your car gets so over heated in the summer, you can fry an egg on the dash. Well, for some really clever people in Phoenix, where temps are soaring to 109(!), they came up with a much more romantic option — car made chocolate covered strawberries!


You place a case of freshly washed strawberries on your dash and break chunks of chocolate (milk or dark, whatever is your style) on top.


Then, you just leave the whole thing for about twenty minutes to melt.


When you get back, voilà! Chocolate covered strawberries. Prepared to be impressed, significant others! Check out the whole video below.

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(h/t Yahoo, photos via Joe Raedle/Getty)