It’s getting hot in herre, so take a peek at these 15 oven- and stovetop-free eats that’ll help keep you cool this summer. (That’s how the song goes, right?) Learn how to cook with everything from time, acids, other household appliances and more to make meal prep no sweat when the next heat wave rolls around. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, we have you covered with these collections of mug cake and no-bake recipes for a spot of dessert.

Vanilla-Orange Chia Pudding Parfaits

1. Vanilla-Orange Chia Pudding Parfaits: Start your morning off on a bright note with this orange creamsicle-esque chia pudding parfait. (via Eat Spin Run Repeat)

Simple Asparagus Ribbon and Leek Grilled Pizza

2. Simple Asparagus Ribbon and Leek Grilled Pizza: Pizza night doesn’t have to take a back seat (or mean delivery) when it’s too hot out to fire up the oven. Just take things outside with this pie featuring verdant seasonal produce and melty mozzarella. (via Veggie and the Beast Feast)

Black Bean Hummus Tartine

3. Black Bean Hummus Tartine: Swap in roasted peppers from a jar or take things to the grill, and you’ll be noshing on these kicky, protein-boosted sandwiches in no time. (via Cherry on My Sundae)


4. Mango and Jalapeño Ceviche: Lime and orange juice “cook” the fish for this sweet and spicy ceviche. Scoop it up with tortilla chips, load it into lettuce wraps or simply enjoy it by the forkful. (via Foodness Gracious)

Detox Kale Salad

5. Detox Kale Salad: You’ll find just the right balance of protein, healthy fats, fiber and COLOR in this antioxidant-rich, superfood salad. (via Food Fanatic)

Instant Microwave Mac and Cheese

6. Instant Microwave Mac and Cheese: The Blue Box is great and all, but sometimes homemade mac and cheese is where it’s at. Happily, it’s a cinch to make with only four ingredients, a mug and a microwave. (via The View From Great Island)

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

7. Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza: Restaurant-quality, California-style pies are a breeze to make at home with this recipe. As an added bonus, BBQ chicken and grilled pizza are a natural pairing. (via A Common Connoisseur)

Four-Ingredient Soup

8. Four-Ingredient Soup: Stir everything together and pop it into the microwave for a meal that’s ready to hit the spot in just minutes. Crumble a handful of crispy tortilla chips over top for an upgrade that’s so worth the addition of a fifth ingredient. (via Living Well Kitchen)

Shrimp Summer Rolls

9. Shrimp Summer Rolls: Light and fresh, but also filling, these summer rolls work equally well as a starter or main course. Enjoy them with your choice of three distinct dipping sauces. (via Wozz! Kitchen Creations)

Waffled Potato Kugel With Bacon

10. Waffled Potato Kugel With Bacon: Whip out your waffle iron to make this noodle-free, bacon-studded kugel. Finished with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chives, these fluffy eats make for one delicious breakfast or brunch. (via 10th Kitchen)

Microwave Loaded Baked Potato

11. Microwave Loaded Baked Potato: Use a microwave to “bake” potatoes in far less time than any oven can manage. The assortment of garnishes piled on top makes each one a meal. (via Tablespoon)

Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

12. Spinach Ricotta Lasagna: A lasagna that’s ready in just 15 minutes may sound too good to be true, but this recipe delivers. (via Healthy Nibbles and Bits)

Vegetable Ceviche With Raw, Chipotle-Pepita Cauliflower Pilaf

13. Vegetable Ceviche With Chipotle-Pepita Cauliflower Pilaf (Vegan): In the mood for a veggie-heavy meal that’s not just a salad? Look no further. Even better, the only tools needed are a knife, peeler and your hands. (via The First Mess)

Edamame Nori Rolls With Tahini Dipping Sauce

14. Edamame Nori Rolls With Tahini Dipping Sauce: Eschewing rice makes these rolls fabulously filling and sneakily low-carb. (via Avocado a Day Nutrition)

Sausage and Cheese Spaghetti

15. Sausage and Cheese Spaghetti: If your cheese drawer is filled with bits of fromage, this spaghetti is exactly the thing to make. Whether you add the sausage or not, every bite is loaded with flavor. (via Lady and Pups)

What are some of your tricks for cooking without having to crank up the air conditioning? Share your tips with us below!