Can you believe it鈥檚 Thursday already?! From some serious post-baby body positivity to a new social media record, here are six of today鈥檚 top news items to start your day!

1. This confirms it 鈥 Chrissy Teigen is not a mere mortal like the rest of us. Though she was having the most relatable and normal post-baby body changes, like needing help peeing and blotchy skin, we should have known it was all a ruse, because in a new photo posted by her mom from Chrissy and John鈥檚 crab boil party, she looks freshly radiant and beautiful. Those gams! (And little Luna!) Of course, Chrissy鈥檚 beauty is more than skin deep, and she鈥檒l be the first one to remind us how tough it is to be a new mom in no time, too. Also, we would not mind at all being invited over for the next crab boil. Just saying.


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2. This is now the most liked photo on Instagram. That鈥檚 right, Justin Bieber, your thirst trap worked, and your throwback photo of you and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez kissing in better times has dethroned Kendall Jenner鈥檚 previous record-holding pic of her hair (#2016). 鈥淔eels,鈥 the pop star infamously captioned the pic, which now has a whopping 3.5 million likes 鈥 one of which is from Selena herself. Just keep that in mind the next time you鈥檙e stoked to hit double digits likes on your photo of the sunset, guys. (via Billboard)

3. Bad Moms star Kristen Bell is anything but! In a new interview with Us Weekly, Kristen shares some of her and hubby Dax鈥檚 parenting tips, and they sound downright reasonable 鈥 and sweet. 鈥淥ne thing I鈥檝e learned as a mom is it鈥檚 really important to monitor when they are able to receive your information,鈥 she said. 鈥淲e wait until they calm down and then we talk to them.鈥 She continues: 鈥淲e have very strict rules in our family about how we treat people with respect, especially our family members. We are going to be with each other in the long haul, so it鈥檚 important to always be respectful and treat your sister the way you want to be treated.鈥 Simple advice, but such a good reminder. (via Us Weekly)

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4. This woman quit her job and is sailing around the world with her cat. In 2006, Liz Clark quit her job as a bartender in San Diego, getting on a sailboat that was given to her on the condition that she would document her adventures around the world. In 2013, she welcomed a six-month rescue kitty, Amelia, on board, and the two have been together since. Dream life much?? (via Bored Panda)

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5. This rooster who loves Starbucks is all of us. Mr. p-Blizzard, a rooster rescued from a snow storm by a Canadian couple, LOVES going through the Starbucks drive-thru in the mornings. His adventures are documented on a Facebook page, and according to the caption on this photo, he loves soy lattes. (via Facebook)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 the body that I鈥檓 supposed to have.鈥 Longtime Boston traffic reporter announces gender change, with the full support of the workplace.

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