There’s nothing better than a round of gossip with a side of bottomless mimosas. Luckily it’s Saturday and you’ve got two days to do just that with your BFFs. If you feel like you’re behind on this week’s news — like Target’s gender-neutral signage decision — check out ALL the vital info you may have missed below. Then slay those convos, girl.

1. Let’s Play Celebrity: Start your brunch convos with some celebrity, celebrity chatter. Isn’t that always the best gossip to begin with? This week it definitely is thanks to wedding crasher Amy Schumer, a peek at Zooey Deschanel’s wedding ring, Ed Sheeran’s lion tatt, Kylie’s 18th, Lena + Aidy’s vacay and a VS Angel’s budget-friendly wedding (as well as a potential plus-size gal getting her own wings). Oh, and if you haven’t met the transwomen on I Am Cait, go forth and follow ’em. Then, uncover the lefties of the celeb world — we’re sure your left-handed gals will enjoy learning they have something in common with a few famous faces. (Photo via Caitlyn Jenner)

2. Child Chatter: After we started the week on a sad note having learned that the YouTube couple from the viral surprise pregnancy announcement vid suffered a miscarriage, the rest of the week gave us pretty joyful moments. We got to meet former President Bush’s new granddaughter, Keira Knightley’s baby name was revealed, Lauren Conrad talked babies, a study revealed how to have a safe home birth, we were introduced to a service that makes breastfeeding easier when traveling and Kim K posted a body-positive pregnancy selfie (after that anti-morning-sickness pill promo snap was deleted). Oh, and since some of your GFs probably don’t have a child but consider their pets to be on the same level, they’re definitely gonna want to know about American Airlines’ new First Class for pets. (Photo via @kimkardashian)

3. Tech Talk: Start your digital chit chat with the most WTF moments of the week — Google is now Alphabet + Tim Cook invested in a shower head. Huh?! Then scare your girls with the thought of Verizon iPhones potentially being more expensive, the end of free Spotify getting closer, texting while walking messing with the way we put one foot in front of the other and the fact that they may be using the wrong laughing phrase on FB. Don’t forget to share the variety of tech hacks revealed this week too, like how to hide photos on iPhones + make your pix look like Everlane’s, Uber’s effortless online shopping returning trick, the secret to protecting your phone from hackers, an easy way to remind yourself to stand up and move around every hour, the best browser extension for productivity and iOS 9 WiFi assist. (Photo via Alphabet)

4. Style Session: First things first: Did you see J.Hud’s shaved look?! The lady looks FLAWLESS! Aside from that groundbreaking cut, a lot of tressy news occurred, like Kylie’s platinum blonde ‘do, Britney Spears’s mermaid locks, Amy Schumer’s badass messy braid, the secret to naturally perfect curls, the reasons why one side of your hair styles better than the other, scalp botox injections being a thing, a Drybar-like salon for ladies with natural hair and the continuing rise of a man bun. Phew, that’s a lot of hair happenings! But there was also a ton of beauty business too. News of a Star Wars makeup line was revealed, there’s a tampon co that’s changing your period for the better, women are microwaving their armpits (WTF?!) and we uncovered cheaper versions of all the products Kim K uses + the items you should be tossing by the end of the summer. That’s not enough style, right? Good, because plenty happened in fashion too. From inspo (Blake Lively’s summer jeans, Olivia Palermo’s skinnies, T.Swift’s date-night cat accessories, Khloe Kardashian’s fitness closet, Redbook‘s “Real Women, Real Style Tips” September issue, Emma Watson’s lack of equality in modeling criticism, Madeline Stuart landing multiple jobs, & Other Stories’s trans model-featuring campaign and Caitlyn + Kylie’s bathing suits) to intros (Target x Adam Lippes, Target x Aldo, ASOS x Gabi Fresh, new Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s, Irish store Primark, Zendaya’s shoe line, the Lena-approved Japanese plus-size co Punyus and the Bed Bath & Beyond-acquired Of A Kind). Yeah, you’ve got a lot to talk about, now discuss it all. (Photo via @iamjhud)

5. Breaking Bread: Pumpkin spice season is already starting. And with M&M’s Pecan Pie, apparently so is Thanksgiving. Discuss with your girls whether that’s a yay or nay. Aside from those feeling-like-fall food moments, a smorgasbord of other tasty things went down this week too. Share with your ladies that pears could be the secret to beating a hangover, maple water *might* be the new coconut H2O, there’s something called FATwater from the team behind Bulletproof Coffee, the latest must-try protein milkshake has crickets mixed into it and there’s a new gadget that chills those room temp beverages in a minute. AND ICYMI, here’s how to get 86% more Chipotle burrito for FREE! (Photo via @drinkfatwater)

6. Creative Convo Starters: If one of your besties is on the hunt for a new opportunity, share Jenna Lyons’ advice with her so she isn’t bingeing shows all day + night. Also make sure you let your ladies know that hitting the snooze button a few times (not a million) is actually not that bad, endless selfie-taking is a detriment to relationships (and your mental health, YIKES!) and your fave music is linked to your thoughts. Don’t forget to finish up brunch with some major #girlboss inspo + your plans for checking out Re:Make.

What do you think will be the big topics of discussion at this weekend’s brunch? Share your guesses in the comments.