When the family comes together for Christmas, it’s a great time for family portraits, but it’s an even better time for *awkward* family portraits. We’re talking tacky Christmas sweaters, #TBTs with Santa and puppies in holiday outfits. We’ve found the most awkward, most adorable family portraits that would definitely make it to our mantel. Use these as inspo to mix up your poses this Xmas.

1. Jammin’: Stop. [Matching] pajama time. (via @_justwalk)

2. Such a Clatter: The “Hey, what’s that?” look is a sure fire way to awk your next family portrait to the max. (via @ashleymariemedley)

3. Rock ‘n’ Roll: The annual family portrait is the perfect place to show your rebellious side. (via @mrdeesimon)

4. Friend Portrait: When you don’t have a Santa, it’s always best to have a friend who can sub in. (via @shamrockevin)

5. Somber on the Stairs: This looks like a Christmas card from a really dramatic soap opera family — which means it’s a win. (via @fusionmedstaff)

6. Little Black Turtleneck: Wearing all black is always an elegant choice. Muy macho. (via @samjones_lad)

7. Surprise!: Pug sweater and real life pup in a box make you a shoo-in for the adorable list. (via @burleyrose)

8. Santa Seniors: So… maybe there is an age when you get too old for Santa’s lap. He’s too nice to say anything though. (via @glamrpuss)

9. Pup Parents: Only the sweaters are awkward in this sweet pic. (via @noradinuzzo)

10. Santa Lap Fail: Ah, the classic terrified-of-Santa scream. (via @joeliewhite)

11. Pose It Up: The family that matches jammies together, stays together. (via @erwin0117)

12. Cool and Classy: Just because you’re going for an awkward sibling outtake doesn’t mean you can’t look great. (via @mrskayallen)

13. Definitely Naughty: Did you catch the bulbs in the beard? How about the miniature friend on the mantel? Production skills here are off the charts. (via @lesleyinalaska

14. Wrap it Up: That wrapping paper backdrop is really setting off the little one’s scowl. (via @thefakejoshcrum)

15. Holiday Horror: If Santa does’t scare your baby, he may scare your dog. (via @dailydiggs)

16. Photo Mashup: A photo collage with an adorable yawning dog. This was a White Elephant win for sure. (via @k_michael_hall)

17. Frameworthy: This family portrait is totally winning in our book. It’s already in a frame! (via @mencoe)

18. Picture Perfect: When considering a pose, try a timeless grade school classic, “heads on hands.” No railing necessary. (via @azfox)

19. Dope DIY: But does your tacky sweater light up and have a family portrait on it? This couple (and their pup) is totally bringing their A game. (via @auteurariel)

20. All Together Now: This is one of those in-between pics that perfectly captures the family chaos that is Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone! (via @its_lalalauren)

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