We’ve seen (and proudly worn) our fair share of ugly Christmas sweaters around Brit HQ (and in life, in general). Whether you’re planning on throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party or just want to sport one for kicks, we’ve got 35 of the tackiest holiday knits we could find. Technically you could wear a new one every day up to December 25 if you started on Thanksgiving… talk about the ultimate countdown.

1. ASOS Curve Rudolph Winter Scene Sweater ($57): Forget Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen. It’s all about Rudolph here.

2. ASOS Mr. & Mrs. Claus Sweater ($57): Sport the ultimate holiday power couple on your sweater while you embark on your shopping marathon — online or offline.

3. Evie Chillin’ Christmas Sweater ($24): Keep it cool this winter with a cheeky Santa sweater. But seriously, where can we get Santa popsicles? Sounds like something to add to the holiday to-DIY list.

4. Reclaimed Vintage Sweater With Stick-On Countdown Days ($57): Turn yourself into a human advent calendar with this countdown sweater. This is one people at work will actually look forward to seeing you wear every day.

5. Electro Cat Sweater ($65): Looks like this guy got wrapped up in decorating the tree too early this year.

6. Nessa Let Me Take an #Elfie Sweater ($24): We thought all tacky holiday sweaters were Insta-worthy until we saw this one, which tops them all. Sold.

7. Elf Respect Tunic ($65): The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. If we sounded like Zooey Deschanel, we’d sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” all the time. To spare everyone’s ears, we’ll just dress like her.

8. Demi Do Not Put Me at the Kids Table Christmas Sweater ($23): Seriously, you’ve got a college degree and a well-paying job… it’s about time you sat with the big kids.

9. Suspicious Gnome Sweater ($65): Looks like your garden goblin is up to no good. Make sure to keep a look out for missing Christmas lights and lawn decor.

10. Urban Renewal Vintage Ugly Christmas Cardigan ($40): Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling… we never realized how funky Christmas carols were until we saw them in pictorial form. Keep warm in this embroidered cardigan that’s sure to sleigh at the holiday work party. (Make sure to put on pants.)

11. ASOS Curve Holiday Squirrels Sweater ($45): We have a feeling “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire,” aka “The Christmas Song” is the holiday anthem for all squirrels.

12. Mary Happy Holla Dayz Christmas Sweater ($19): Stay cozy and keep it real in this knit sweater, which is meant for hanging with the homies.

13. Santa Claws Sweater ($65): Grumpy Cat wasn’t having a sweater with shoulders, so off they went. We can’t wait to see Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever on Thanksgiving, and we’re totes wearing this to the premiere.

14. Video Game Santa Sweater ($30): The holidays are no time for reindeer games. Shopping and deal-finding is the only sport we’ll be partaking in. Stay warm while you’re camping out for those Black Friday sales in this Santa sweater.

15. Holly Holidays Are Coming Christmas Sweater ($24): We don’t have just one favorite Christmas movie (because how can you not love them all?) but The Polar Express is up there. Make time to chillax with a bowl of popcorn, a glass (or two) of wine and cozy up to an evening of holiday movies to get in the spirit.

16. Courtly Nutcracker Sweater ($70): Why so serious, little guy? It’s cool, he’s still ready to party… but are you?

17. Clara Slash Neck Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater ($24): … and Happy New Year, too. If you just had a little one like our very own Brit, your bundle of joy can rock a matching onesie. Christmas card photo shoot, anyone?

18. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Sweater ($65): You gotta love the holidays. Let’s make a pact to make sure g-ma gets home safely this year — we can still sport this take on the funkiest Christmas carol ever for a laugh.

19. Make a Llama Story Short Sweater ($65): Are we swapping out Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for Tina the Llama this year?

20. All-American Christmas Sweater ($61): If the 4th of July and Christmas had a lovechild, it would be this sweater. Stay patriotic in this festive fairisle print this holiday, because ‘Merica.

21. Charcoal Snowflake Sweater ($50): A festive sweater that’s a technicolor dream? It’s everything we want and more. But wait, you can get one for your dog, too? Stop it.

22. Nutcracker Trio Sweater ($65): Standing still is hard work! This nutcracker had one too many cups of eggnog…

23. Robot Dance Party Sweater ($30): Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. They may not have hearts or feelings, but robots know how to get down. It’s. Christmas. Must. Dance.

24. Polar Bear Flair Sweater ($70): Next to red Starbucks cups, nothing gets us more in the holiday spirit than those adorable Coca Cola polar bears. (And the penguins, too!)

25. Ugly Patchwork Cardigan ($65): These gingerbread men have been through the ringer, and we’ll just be over here, playing with the pom pom buttons on this colorful cardigan.

26. Tinsel Tree Sweater ($66): Decorating (and dancing around) the Christmas tree just got better with this sparkly sweater. (Bonus points if you know the Mean Girls choreography to “Jingle Bell Rock.”)

27. Under the Sea Christmas Sweater ($30): No one ever said Christmas sweaters had to make sense. Fish in Santa hats and a Flipper tangled up in Christmas lights? This might be the most bizarre sweater we’ve seen yet.

28. Come and Ski Sweater ($75): We can feel the wind against our faces just looking at this sweater. Get ready for that fresh powder to fall in this cowl neck knit.

29. Trainee Elf Sweater ($66): Be the cutest elf in Santa’s workshop this holiday and wear this sweater while you’re wrapping all those gifts to put under the tree. These LED Glitter Christmas Tree Shades ($8) are the perfect addition to make it that much more festive.

30. Toy-rannosaurus Rex Sweater ($65): How the heck did his tiny arms unwrap that tiny box? Also, what will he do with a teddy bear? We’ll stop asking questions because Toy Story taught us that Rex is capable of anything. This sweater’s sure to entertain everybody at your holiday shindig.

31. Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe Sweater ($40): More of a traditionalist when it comes to your ugly Christmas sweater? This one covers all the iconic holiday mascots.

32. Clever Whenever Sweater ($90): Wear this sweet woodsy winter wonderland sweater with a tartan skirt and you’ve got an adorable Christmas outfit.

33. ASOS Curve Snowman Elbow Patch Sweater ($42): At first glance, this is an unassuming navy sweater, until BAM — you see these adorable plaid snowman elbow patches. We dig it.

34. Puppy Holiday Sweater ($20): We freaked out when American Beagle Outfitters became a reality, but when we found this furry friend on a tacky Christmas sweater, we lost it.

35. Jingle Bells Holiday Sweater ($20): Guys, this sweater has actual jingle bells that ring when you move. Now who wouldn’t get in the holiday spirit with this on?

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