We had a lot of LOLs finding the funniest cards to purchase this holiday season for ya. Seriously, we’re still laughing. But sometimes (actually, always) we like to see what you all can create, and this time of year, we get the biggest jollies from funny family photo ideas. Here are 15 fams straight up KILLING their holiday photos — use these as inspo for your own silly, merry holiday shoot.

1. All Wrapped Up: The kids will totally cooperate with the annual holiday card photoshoot if tangling the adults in lights is in the shot list. (via Jason Lee Photography)

2. Kitchen Nightmare: This shot should be easy as it probably occurs at least once a week when the little ones attempt to spoil their dinner. Bake a cake, pour the wine and let the action happen naturally. (via Justine Ungaro)

3. Smooching Supper: Bring “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” to life this turkey day for the perfect snap to send out for holiday chuckles. (via Studio ATG)

4. Checked Out: Feeling ignored by the family again? (Sorry, it’s hard for us to take our eyes off our fave apps sometimes…) Send out some special greetings that everyone can relate to. (via Things Could Be Worse)

5. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out: Have a Ralphie in your family? Grab the leg lamp, a Red Ryder BB gun and your cozy pink bunny onesie (we know you have one) in preparation for this marathon A Christmas Story photoshoot. (via Liz Labianca Photography)

6. Take it to Whoville: You’re bound to cheer up any Grinch on your list with this Dr. Seuss-inspired session. (via Vintage Revivals)

7. Holiday Heros: Turn those daily daydreams of transforming your family into The Avengers with a superhero-themed snap session. Bonus points if the little ones get off the ground and start flying around. (via Photography by Susie)

8. Big (Air) Heads: After opening an envelope containing these blown up heads, your friends and family will be doing so many double takes it will count as a neck workout. Create extra laughs by switching up the heads and bodies ;) (via You Can’t Be Serious)

9. CSS Cartoon: Take your Photoshop skills to the holiday hills by creating a winter wonderland out of your living room. (via Camera Sin)

10. Photostrip Family: Take the photobooth idea to the next level by trapping the family in a frame and holding onto them tight. (via Erik Christian Photography)

11. We Were Framed: Play with dimensions and recreate the Modern Family opening credits with this frametastic idea. (via Portrait Inspiration)

12. Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves: Watch out for that drool, as you’ve now become a bite-sized chew toy for your pet in this four-legged capture. (via Jonne Seijdel)

13. Twisted and Tangled: Not into getting tangled in strings of light while the kids giggle away at your misfortune? Get everyone involved and try to do the 14-legged race. Definitely Tweet us that shot if it happens. (via Wendy Vonsosen Photography)

14. Who Let The Dogs Out: Let the furballs get behind the wheel and watch the hysterics begin. (via Ridgeview Images Photography)

15. Taped to the Wall: The naughtiest kid on Santa’s list deserves to get taped to the wall, no? Regardless, it will definitely make for a WTF moment worthy of phone calls from Grandma and Grandpa. (via Highlite Photography)

Which hilarious holiday shot are you planning on recreating with your family? Send us a snap on Twitter or let us know in the comments below.