Coachella 2018 is upon us, and whether you’re enjoying the performances from the comfort of your own home or dancing with a crowd of thousands at the actual festival, these Instagram hacks will help you get the most out of the experience.

If you’re at home

If you prefer Couchella to Coachella but still want to keep up with all the hottest festival fashion and biggest performances, Instagram can provide you with the updates you need to make you feel like you’re there.

1. Follow the #Coachella hashtag: Watch what’s happening at the festival in real-time by following the #Coachella hashtag.

2. Follow Coachella news sources: @Coachella will be posting behind-the-scenes content and festival updates throughout the weekend.

3. Follow Coachella celebs: There are more than 150 acts on this year’s lineup, but here are a few names and handles to get you started — @beyonce, @sza, @iamcardib, @migos, @kygo, @miguel, @postmalone, @theweeknd, @st_vincent, @eminem, @feliciathegoat, @bornsmusic.

If you’re at the festival

If you’re enjoying the festival live and in person, you can use Instagram to capture your memories and then share them with your friends and followers. (Also, say hi to Beyoncé for us!)

1. Capture and share your best photos and videos: Instagram has a few tools (including one new camera format!) to make your Stories as picture-perfect as your outfit.

  • Focus Camera: Instagram launched this new camera format on April 10 to let you capture high-quality photos and videos.
  • Mention Sticker: Instagram also launched a new @mention sticker, which makes it easier than ever to mention friends in your Stories.
  • Superzoom: Add some extra effects to your video using Superzoom. When you open the camera, you’ll find it next to Boomerang. If you tap the button while recording, you can choose from three options: “Bounce,” “Beats,” or “TV Show.”
  • Face Filters and Sticker Packs: If you want to indulge your creative side, use Instagram Stories’ face filters and stickers to give your pics and videos just the right vibe.
  • Polling Sticker Feature: Which Coachella performance are your followers most excited about? Which festival fashion do they covet? Add a poll to your Instagram Stories  to let your friends have their say regarding whatever it is that’s on your mind.
  • GIF stickers: After a brief disappearance, GIFs are back on Instagram Stories. Browse the trending GIFs or search through the seemingly endless varieties to add a little something extra to your pics and videos.
  • Instagram Live: If you prefer to stream your experience unedited, Instagram Live is perfect for you. And now you can broadcast with your friends. Tap the new icon on the bottom right and select “Add” to invite anyone who’s currently watching to join via split screen. If you choose to save your Live Story, your followers will be able to watch it up to 24 hours later.

What are your favorite Instagram hacks for festivals? Let us know @BritandCo!

(photos via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella + Instagram)