It’s that time of year. There’s a holiday gift guide out there for just about everyone on your list, and you’ve probably made some good headway on it (Black Friday deals, anyone?). But there’s always that person who’s hard to shop for. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift to wow the coworker you hardly know or the best friend who seems to have everything, it’s easy to second guess yourself. Why not look to everyone’s fave personality test — the Myers Briggs — for some inspo?

Since each of the 16 personality types has its unique quirks and interests (and dislikes), you can eliminate some of the holiday-shopping guesswork and cater to how your loved one is hardwired. Here are gift suggestions for each MBTI type so spot-on that you might not even need a gift receipt.

ISTJ: The Logician

Quiet, serious, and matter of fact, the ISTJ is probably one of the most grounded, logical people you know. Since this type values all things practical and is invested in upholding tradition, they’d probably appreciate a straightforward, timeless-yet-useful gift that tends to their natural sense of orderliness.

Gift idea: an Instant Pot ($70+), the ideal kitchen multi-tasker, with a cookbook to go with it

ISFJ: The Defender

ISFJs are practical, harmonious, and committed to loving and understanding their friends and family — the type of friend who remembers everything about everyone. Your ISFJ friend or family member is probably fairly nostalgic, so a meaningful gift that’s still practical would be right up their alley.

Gift idea: a 23andMe or DNA kit to explore and analyze their genetics and genealogy

INFJ: The Advocate

INFJs are conscientious, insightful, and deep, finding meaning and purpose in ideas and relationships. When it comes to their material possessions, they look for the same type of depth. Opt for an uplifting but efficient gift that contributes to the INFJ’s values and connects them to themselves and those they love.
Gift idea: a Lily Travel Essential Oil Diffuser ($19) or a Radha Beauty Essential Oils Starter Kit ($20)

INTJ: The Architect

The INTJ in your life is probably obsessed with efficiency. They’re always looking for ways to optimize their life, so chances are they are into life hacks and cutting-edge gadgets. Aim for an innovative gift that helps your INTJ loved-one streamline their home or life.

Gift idea: a Roku, Nest, or Google Home to make household operations smoother with the touch of a button

ISTP: The Virtuoso

ISTPs are typically quiet observers, but when a problem comes up — BOOM! — they’re hands on, looking for a solution. As you can guess, this personality loves to tinker. Any gift that involves strategy, problem-solving, or logic will be a winner.

Gift idea: a robotics or coding kit/game for your ISTP loved-one to flex their problem-solving muscles

ISFP: The Adventurer

Compassionate and deep to the core, ISFPs are artists passionate about seeing and experiencing the beauty of everyday life. For this quirky guy or gal, look for something artistic and unique — and ideally something that allows them to indulge in or express beauty.

Gift idea: an annual membership to a local art museum

INFP: The Mediator

INFPs are soulful idealists who are deeply connected to their emotions and ideas. They have a soft spot for all things beautiful and poetic, especially those that somehow express or affirm their deepest-held values.

Gift idea: a book of poetry, like Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey ($15), with a locally made card and heartfelt note telling them what you love about them

INTP: The Logician

Your INTP friend is — how do we say this — a little bit nerdy (and they’ll admit it). They love the abstract, and they’re drawn to anything theoretical. Sometimes critical and always analytical, the INTP would be pumped about any gift that indulges their love for learning about somewhat random ideas.

Gift idea: A book that provides logical explanations for something that interests them (Stuck? Aim for a pop-philosophy-social-science book you heard about on NPR. Think Freakonomics by Steven Levitt ($10) or anything by Malcolm Gladwell.)

ESTP: The Entrepreneur

More than any other type, ESTPs are straight-shooting go-getters, which means they like nice things that serve a purpose. A fun and flashy gift would be a great choice for this spontaneous, style-conscious loved one.

Gift idea: a nice piece of costume jewelry or statement necklace from J.Crew or, for the guys, a high-quality and trendy watch (maybe one of those wooden ones?).

ESFP: The Entertainer

ESFPs are the life of the party. Outgoing, friendly, and lovable, this personality makes everything fun. Celebrate this friend or family member by getting a gift that helps them do what they do best: Enjoy life and help others do the same.

Gift idea: Concert tickets (T-Swift’s reputation tour, perhaps?) or, if that’s out of the budget, a Spotify premium subscription so they always have something to dance to (including Taylor Swift)

ENFP: The Campaigner

The ENFP is vibrant and enthusiastic, deriving meaning and purpose from ideas and relationships. They love to be the life of the party, but they also love a deep conversation about the ideas that make them tick. For this personality, look for something with equal parts wit and heart.

Gift idea: a colorful coffee mug inked with tidbits of wisdom, or whimsical temporary tattoos of inspiring phrases

ENTP: The Debater

An ENTP is an inventor (and, if we’re honest, probably a hipster). This personality type wants to change the world and always has new, exciting ideas for doing it. Anything avant-garde, inventive, and potentially world-changing will be a win for this person.

Gift idea: a Mr. Beer At-Home Beer Brewing Kit ($50) or The Kombucha Shop Brewing Kit ($49)

ESTJ: The Executive

The ambitious, goal-oriented, and serious personality loves to get things done, and nothing can get in their way. The ESTJ knows exactly what they want and probably has a five or 10-year plan for how to get there.

Gift idea: money or a gift card. ESTJ knows best.

ESFJ: The Consul

Both easygoing and outgoing, the ESFJ is a natural host or hostess and loves to surround themselves with loved ones. A practical and pleasant gift — something that contributes to the ESFJ’s desire to create warmth and harmony — will be a big hit.

Gift idea: a romantic, floral Paiette Apron ($34) or a nice set of Champagne flutes or stemless wine glasses

ENFJ: The Protagonist

ENFJs are the best of both worlds: equally responsible and warm, which means they’re great friends with a knack for bringing out the best in others. This highly engaging personality would be obsessed with anything personalized just for them.

Gift idea: a Layered and Long Hand-Stamped Gold Bar Necklace ($40+) with their initials (or their spouse/kids’ initials), or a custom night sky map representing an important night in their life.

ENTJ: The Commander

Ambitious visionaries with strong personalities, the ENTJ is results-oriented, and as such, loves anything efficient and effective. Any gift that helps this person overcome inefficiency and expand their knowledge — and show it off — is a great idea.

Gift idea: a pair of Echo Touchscreen Gloves ($29) so they can work on the go — or, if it’s in the budget, anything with a touchscreen

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