Accessories are the key to taking every outfit from basic to bombshell. Sure, our love affair with signet rings and statement earrings runs deep, but we especially live for eyewear for its practicality and fashion factor. And if anyone knows about stylish glasses, it’s identical twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson. Better known as Coco and Breezy, the pair launched their eyewear line in 2009 (at just 19 years old!) and have since designed for celebs including Beyoncé and Prince, all the while not-so-casually deejaying on the side. Keep reading to learn how the dynamic duo designed their first pair of frames, their own Parent Trap moments, and the styles people are always asking them about.

B+C: You both have incredible style, so why eyewear?

Coco: Our love for eyewear stemmed from when we were young and used to collect it all the time. Growing up in Minnesota, there were people that were very prejudiced, and we were bullied. Wearing eyewear was a really big shield for us. We wore sunglasses in class because we felt like when we put them on we were our alter egos, Coco and Breezy, who were fearless and ready to conquer the world. But whenever we had to make eye contact with people without glasses on, we were really insecure and super shy. Once we figured out that glasses weren’t just for protection, we not only wanted to make people look stylish but also protect their eyes from UV rays and really focus on eye health.

B+C: What was the very first pair you designed?

Breezy: The very first pair we designed was in our mom’s living room. I took a stud off of one of my personal studded belts with pliers and then glued it onto some safety goggles. I thought it was the coolest sh*t ever at the time.

B+C: Which of your favorite styles are people obsessed with right now?

Breezy: The Chaska ($249). I have these gold transition lenses, so it’s super cool that inside they’re clear and when I go outside they turn into this beautiful, mirrored lens.

Coco: The Richfield ($249). The best part about them is that the frame is so gold that I really don’t have to think about my outfit too much. I can throw on a white T-shirt and some jeans, and then my shiny gold frames are my jewelry piece.

B+C: Which celeb was the most exciting to work with?

Coco: Prince. It was very impactful because we got to spend a lot of time with him. We worked with him to make 200 limited-edition third-eye sunglasses. He wore them on his last few TV appearances and an album cover.

B+C: What personal style mantra do you live by?

Breezy: Do it for yourself. With social media there’s a lot of pressure, especially with young girls, to look a certain way or to have their bodies a certain way, or to feel like they have to wear certain brands.

Coco: Mentally we need to just erase that pressure of social media and truly do things that make you happy. It’s not about the brands you wear but how you mix and match pieces.

B+C: What’s your favorite part about being twins?

Breezy: When you’re going through the journey of being an entrepreneur, you have so many ups and downs and so many emotions going. If you have a twin, you have someone there that can just bring you up and can read you.

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(Photos via Denzel Golatt)

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