Are you ready to design your first website? Allison House, who taught our HTML + CSS Coding Online Class, is back to teach you how to layout, design and code a personal website. And trust us, it鈥檚 not as hard as it sounds! Allison makes her class super easy (and fun) as she walks you through each step of the design process. Plus, she鈥檚 created class resources to help you along the way.


In Allison鈥檚 online class, you鈥檒l learn how to:

  • Plan out the design of your website.
  • Prioritize content and basic elements you鈥檇 like to include on each page.
  • Make elements stand out using a number of different web design principles.
  • Create a website design and layout using HTML and CSS.
  • Link pages, check your code and upload your code to the web.

Plus, with a class purchase, you鈥檒l get a Quickstart Guide that includes step-by-step instructions for installing software, a Starter Kit that includes a boilerplate with HTML and CSS examples and a Coding Cheat Sheet to brush up on your coding lingo.


So if you鈥檙e looking to create a personal website or online portfolio, this class is for you. And guess what? If you pre-register today, you鈥檒l enjoy 15% off when the class goes live. Just give us a few details in the form linked below, then sit back, relax, and we鈥檒l send you an email with a code when the class becomes available in the Brit + Co Shop.

Pre-registration for this class has closed as of 11/25 at 4pm PST.

What type of website are you going to make? Share with us in the comments section below.