Spring. Is. Here. And if you’re like us, you’re itching to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and have a few cocktails. But for those of us who don’t hold a traditional nine-to-five, the daily, sun-filled distractions can be overwhelming and derail creativity and your bottom line. Get inspired with these podcasts that will help you rejuvenate and reenergize your creative muscles.


1. Being Boss: The brains behind this amazing show are Kathleen Shannon, a designer and work/life-sharer who “coaches creatives to show more of who they are,” and Emily Thompson, also a designer. The two have come together to make an inspiring space for creative business owners, with their simple motto of “being the boss” carried through in their maker-focused podcasts.


2. The Lively Show: Known to many in the creative community as the gold standard of podcasts, The Lively Show with Jess Lively is driven by her signature “value-based intentions,” which she can help you apply to your career, relationships, personal goals and more.


3. Creative Start: This website, blog and podcast all rolled into one promotes an authentic, creative community. Founder Courtnee Brown is all about gaining “success on her own terms,” which we can definitely get behind. Check out her wide variety of podcasts with everyone from fashion designers to weavers to authors and even choreographers.


4. Invisible Office Hours: This podcast is for those of us who don’t work on a regular nine-to-five schedule, and who need help with everything from overcoming fear to self-expression to selling out. Season three is back in the fall, but there’s plenty in seasons one and two to get inspired.


5. Creative Commoners: This is a podcast put out by a group of creatives, and the topics range from soft spots and blind spots to how the creative mind works. Bonus: Their podcast graphics are fun black and white photos that will put you in a good mood immediately.


6. After the Jump: It’s no secret that we love Design*Sponge and what blogger Grace Bonney has done with the site. Up next for her is “After the Jump,” a podcast that is a series of interviews with our fave designers, shopkeepers and industry insiders.


7. Dear Handmade Life: This gem of a podcast covers DIY, crafts and the ups and downs of being a maker. The beginning of each podcast is graced with a yummy cocktail recipe — recent ones include a tamarind margarita and a bees knees cocktail — and then followed with inspiring personalities ranging from curator David Michael Lee to non-profit craft queen Angela Brown.

What do you do to keep the creative juices flowin’? Be sure to tell us in the comments!