Traditional fashion rules are going by the wayside—you can now wear white year round, wear some shorts styles in the office, and mix gold and silver jewelry any way you like. And we’re adding another breakable fashion rule to the list—combining colors that you’d previously kept at opposite ends of your closet. We’re talking red and pink, navy and black, and orange and…everything. What’s the secret? Color blocking, of course! The big patches of color, usually accented with a neutral shade, make these bright hues easy to wear. What’s your favorite unexpected color combination?

Happy Heart Baggy Beach Sweater

1. Happy Heart Baggy Beach Sweater ($108): Pink and red (especially with hearts!) used to only be acceptable on one day of the year. Now, you can wear this sweater whenever you please.

Chiffon Dress by Wal G

2. Chiffon Dress by Wal G ($66): Black and blue can be one of the chicest combinations around. Especially when accented by white and gold. This color block dress is at the top of our wish list.

Chalayan Gray Line T-Shirt Dress in Color Block

3. Chalayan Gray Line T-Shirt Dress in Color Block ($224): Orange just doesn’t play well with others. Along with not rhyming with any other word in the English language, it is one of the hardest colors to pair. We love the way the dark green band at the bottom of this dress grounds the bright hue.

Wrapped Up In Charm Flats

4. Wrapped Up in Charm Flats ($35): Some combinations of red and yellow can bring to mind the golden arches, but these faux suede flats, with a goldenrod bow, are cute without connotation.

Roksanda Ilincic Two-Tone Gown

5. Roksanda Ilincic Two-Tone Gown ($2,210): Pink and orange is a tricky combo to pull off. This gown works is because the designer went full neon. Who wouldn’t want to show up to a formal affair in this stunner?

Mesh-Sleeve Colorblock Sweater

6. Mesh-Sleeve Colorblock Sweater ($45): Peach and brown aren’t colors you’d likely pair on your own, but this sweatshirt-inspired sweater has just enough deliberate contrast to make it work.

Enzyme Check Smock Dress

7. Enzyme Check Smock Dress ($72): Another good example of wearing black and blue together, the way the black stripes fade to gray is what makes this combo work.

Jarlo Striped Maxi Dress In Color Block

8. Jarlo Striped Maxi Dress in Color Block ($92): The fact that a darker orange is paired with a mint green, makes this unexpected color combo work. We love how fresh it feels, especially with the peachy cream layer on top. It’s the perfect end-of-summer dress.

Collection Cafe Capri in Reverse Tuxedo

9. Collection Cafe Capri in Reverse Tuxedo ($298): You have to look closely to see the black contrast stripe on the inseam of this cropped pant. The sheen of the fabric makes it blend in, so you can barely tell you’re mixing colors. It’s a good piece to ease your way in to mixing colors.

Red Colourblock Swimsuit

10. Red Colourblock Swimsuit ($68): One of our favorite examples of red and pink, this retro-styled swimsuit is still sexy even though it’s a one-piece. It also comes in a purple and peach version—another daring combo!

Nishe Prom Dress in Ombre Lace

Bonus: Nishe Prom Dress in Ombre Lace ($102): Now this one, we’re on the fence about. On the one hand, we love the way the yellow and orange are somewhere between color block and ombre, but with the white on top, we can’t help but think of candy corn, which means we’re now hungry.

What’s your favorite daring color combo? Tell us in the comments!