You鈥檙e engaged 鈥 congrats! You鈥檝e prob already decided that your bachelorette party will be totally epic and HEAVILY Instagrammed, right? So with *likes* in mind, it鈥檚 time to think about where the shindig of the year is going to take place. Destinations with great natural light and heaps of color will always lend themselves to double-tap-worthy shots. If you鈥檙e not sure where in the world to find such photogenic spots, keep scrolling for 10 picturesque places guaranteed to make for a stellar bach getaway.

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina: While Buenos Aires is beautiful no matter which neighborhood you鈥檙e in, you don鈥檛 want to skip a stroll 鈥 or should we say tango? 鈥 down the Caminito in La Boca. The colorful houses are the perfect backdrop for a mini photoshoot with your girls. (via Welcome Argentina)

2. Tokyo, Japan: Take a trip to Tokyo with your besties during cherry blossom season, and pose beneath the delicate sakura blossoms, enjoy the hanami spirit, and celebrate the end of your *single lady* days. (via Junko Kimura / Getty)

3. Burano, Italy: Just 45 minutes from Venice in the Northern Venetian Lagoon lies the brightly hued island of Burano. And this vibrant locale has a specialty any bride will greatly appreciate: tons of handmade lace! (via Walks of Italy)

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico: You鈥檒l find most of this city鈥檚 stunning color palette 鈥 and historic sites 鈥 in Old San Juan. Cue the Caribbean views and electrifying culture! (via Joe Raedle / Getty)

5. Charleston, South Carolina: If it鈥檚 a sweet Southern bachelorette party you seek, consider Charleston. The unique city has it all 鈥 history, nightlife, and an entire street of drool-worthy homes dubbed 鈥淩ainbow Row.鈥 (via Erika Lanpher)

6. Brighton Beach, Victoria, Australia: No, the Victorian-era bathing boxes that line Australia鈥檚 Brighton Beach weren鈥檛 made with Instagram in mind. Yes, they will make for a mighty fine beach (read: glam) shot. (via Jonny Clow)

7. Porto, Portugal: Whether you spend your time tasting wine (for the wedding, duh!) at the port wineries across the Douru River or prefer to enjoy the Beaux-Arts, you should def walk down the city center鈥檚 charming, winding roads to snap shots of the striking views. (via Gianni Crestani)

8. Jaipur, India: Known as The Pink City, Jaipur deserves to be on every pink-lover鈥檚 radar. Its regal City Palace (pictured above) is fit for a bridal queen, wouldn鈥檛 you say? (via Simon de Trey-White / Getty)

9. Cape Cod, Massachusetts: From the Atlantic Ocean to the lobster noms and pastels galore, Cape Cod is the ultimate New England experience. When you鈥檙e not snapping selfies in the charming fishing towns, plan to hang by the beach, or 鈥 better yet 鈥 go on a whale watching tour. (via Dmitry Dreyer)

10. Grindav铆k, Iceland: The Blue Lagoon is not your ordinary spa experience. The natural wonder is a geothermal spa INSIDE a real-life lava field. Its beautiful blue waters are packed with skin-soothing minerals and are totally ready for the 鈥榞ram. (via Matt Cardy / Getty)

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