It’s kind of a given that spring means wetter weather. You know, because April showers bring May flowers, right? Just because the weather is gray, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep you stylish. We’ve shown you ways to style your hair and feet, but now we’re moving onto outerwear. Rainy day accessories like umbrellas can be painfully dull, but with these bright and oh-so-colorful numbers, you’ll be sure to shine as bright as can be.


1. Walking Stick Umbrella ($142): Holy stripes! This brightly colored walking stick umbrella is the perfect investment for those April showers.


2. DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas: Trying to save dough for that summer wardrobe? Just DIY your way to a fun, fruity umbrella. (via Studio DIY)


3. New York City Skyline Color-Changing Umbrella ($37): Don’t let that gray weather take all the color out of your life. Whip out this fab, color-changing umbrella to brighten things up on even the stormiest of days.


4. Flamingo Umbrella ($25): Like to stay in a sunny state of mind? This tropical-inspired umbrella forecasts blue skies and warm beaches, complete with flamingos all around.


5. Dottie Umbrella ($28): Snowy weather is a real deal for the rest of the country, but for us California dwellers, we’re just hoping for a downpour of rain. Next time a thunderstorm hits, keep yourself equipped with this springy ‘brella.


6. Lip Cutout Umbrella ($55): We’ve loving the sass this bright and bold umbrella exudes. Paired with a red lip, this outdoor accessory is perfect for every #GirlBoss.


7. Senz Original ($90): We love the unique shape of this umbrella. Not only is it great for deflecting wind, but it also allows for quicker drying, so you can close up sooner.


8. Kate Spade Pink Rose Print Umbrella ($62): Flaunting a floral umbrella is our way to put positive, spring vibes out into the atmosphere. It will make those warm, sunny days come sooner right?


9. Goggles Umbrella ($32): Something about this whimsical umbrella makes us want to puddle jump to “Yellow Submarine.” From the topper to the goggle cutouts, everything about this one says fun.


10. Blunt Metro XS Umbrella ($57): If you’re clumsy, this durable, poke-free umbrella is the answer to your (and all of your friends’) prayers. We love the bright pink version, especially for standing out in a crowd.

American Flag

11. American Flag Umbrella ($27): Show some pride with this American flag umbrella that is sturdy enough for the harshest of storms. Battle the elements in classic red, white and blue, you patriot you!

Jerrie Rose

12. Marc Jacobs Jerrie Rose Umbrella ($58): Have some sunshine on a cloudy day with this blue rosy umbrella. No one can be gloomy with this overhead.


13. DIY “Ombrella”: Ditch that boring old black umbrella for a geometric, mosaic-inspired “ombrella.” (via Brit + Co)

How will you stay colorful on those rainy spring days? Tell us which umbrella is your favorite via Twitter!