It’s such a baking bummer when treats always, always, always stick to old cookie sheets! After upgrading to smooth non-stick versions, we thought we’d banish the steel bakeware from the kitchen and turn them into super useful office accessories: magnetic memo boards! It’s an amazing way to amp up your workspace and just takes three easy steps to complete. You’ve likely seen decorated cookie sheets elsewhere on the web, but we went for a more modern look with this DIY Basic.

We glammed up the cookie sheets with some cool tape patterns and a coat or two of spray paint – it’s that simple! And while you’re waiting for your paint to dry, why not DIY some super cool gold toy magnets? Office notes have never been so much fun.

 2 stainless steel cookie sheets (cannot be non-stick)

– white spray paint

– painter’s tape

– round magnets

gold animal toys
– E-6000 glue

 – scissors

 1. Tape a pattern on your cookie sheets and paint with spray paint, about two coats depending on the color.

2. Make your magnets by dabbing a drop of E-6000 glue on each gold animal toy and fix it onto one side of a round magnet. Set aside.

3. When the spray paint is completely dry, slowly remove the tape. Slap on the dried magnets and prop up the memo board near your workspace!

Start by taping a fun pattern on the cookie sheets with painter’s tape (FYI: this is why non-stick surfaces won’t work for this project). We’re basically making steel stripes, which will look dope once these cookie sheets are spray painted white.

So what are you waiting for? Our baking sheets needed three coats of spray paint, so we came back and spritzed every 15 minutes.

Between intervals, we dug up some old friends – our gold animal toys! – and put them to good use :)

To turn these totally rad dinos into magnets, simply dab a dollop of E-6000 glue onto their backs and secure to a plain magnet. Let them fully set while you check on your cookie sheets.

The paint is dry, so it’s time to peel that tape! The glossy stripes look super sleek. Now just add your dino-mite magnets and hang this duo in your cubical or prop them up on a bookshelf near some brilliant pens.

This DIY take less than an hour to do and it makes an amazing impact on any office space. Bold colored paper makes those memos really stand out.

We love how the silver striped cookie sheet glimmers in the light! Don’t these just look dino-mite? (How could we resist using that pun again?)

What other kitchen supplies have you repurposed? What did you turn them into? Tell us about your projects in the comments below.