There seems to be a great divide in the world of office supplies—pens vs. pencils. We’re going to take a guess that the majority of you out there write in pen, but there are sure to be some dedicated pencil lovers in the bunch. Alternately, we’re betting that some of you use each for very specific things (pencils only for crosswords and sudoku, please!) Regardless of your writing utensil of choice, there are tons of fun, quirky options out there to make your desk more fun. Here are our 21 favorites! And don’t forget to tell us where you stand on the great divide in the comments.

1. Banderole Pencil Set ($12): We’re just going to rename these party pencils because that’s what they are.

2. Classic Black Mechanical Pencils ($15 for 12): These pencils are perfect for the classicist who always wants a sharp point and a pencil that will clip into a pocket (no protector necessary).

3. Smencils ($10): We’ll give you just one guess what Smencils are. If you guessed that they are scented pencils, you’d be right! These are sure to make an olfactory impression at your next meeting.

4. Princess Bride Pastel Pencils ($8 for 6): Each time you pull out one of these pastel pencils, you can daydream for a moment that you are Princess Buttercup, and Wesley is telling you “as you wish.”

5. Moleskine Highlighter Pencils ($17 for 2): Okay true, these aren’t your everyday writing implements, but they are neon. Have we mentioned how much we love neon?

6. Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils ($9): Take your drawings to new heights with these inspirational pencils with mottoes from Andy Warhol.

7. Me & You Pencils ($12): If you and your sweetheart are inseparable, get him or her this sweet pencil set. (We also love that there’s a UK version.)

8. Royal Golden Crown Pencils ($7): For all your regal notes, correspondence, and doodling these crown-topped pencils are just the thing.

9. Oversized Pencil ($7): Big ideas deserve a big pencil, and this jumbo writing tool will help you get them all down on paper. Now if only you can find a jumbo sharpener!

10. Wooden Hexagonal Mechanical Pencil ($6.50): We love the sleek look of this pencil. Plus, it’s wooden but mechanical—a delightful combination of traditional and modern.

11. The Number Two Pencil ($5): Yes, it’s a little crass, but it did give us a laugh.

12. iomoi Pens Goody Pack ($28 for 14): Don’t be fooled, these really are pens. They just look like fancy pencils. We’ve even got the perfect pencil holder for the gold ones.

13. Poppin Signature Pens ($12): No matter your favorite color, you can find it in these signature ballpoints. And thankfully, they come with black ink so they are still office-appropriate.

14. Seven Year Pen ($9): This pen has enough ink to last a whopping seven years. We can’t believe that it really lasts that long. We also can’t imagine committing to one pen for that long, even if it has a cute whale on it. If anyone tests it out, let us know!

15. Light Up Handy Pens ($17): These handy pens light up as you write. It’s the perfect way to share your bright ideas.

16. Catapult Pen ($6): This will make board meetings even more fun, just be sure to bring something to shoot across the room. We’d recommend candy.

17. Select 3-Color Ball Point Pen ($3): Remember those pens that let you choose red, blue, black, or green ink? This pen is like that, but you get to pick your own colors! And they have every hue imaginable from Sunkissed Yellow to Peacock Blue.

18. Bobino Slim Pen ($5): This pen will stick anywhere you need it to. Just attach the “dock” to your notebook, refrigerator, or wall calendar to always have it handy.

19. Borrow My Pen ($7.50 for 8): Designed to look like freebie pens from doctor’s offices or insurance agents, these pens actually list fake embarrassing places like “Stuffed with Love Taxidermy” to dissuade pen thieves from stealing your goods.

20. Poppin Assorted Ink Gel Pens ($9 for 6): For those of you who like to write a bit more colorfully, these bright gel pens are the perfect solution.

21. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen ($12 for 6): Want your conference call doodles to have a bit more flair? Stock your desk with these artists’ pens and you’ll be creating wall—or at least fridge-—worthy masterpieces in no time.

Where do you stand on the pen vs. pencil debate? Are you dedicated to one or the other? Tell us in the comments!